PompeoForCongress.com http://www.pompeoforcongress.com Tue, 31 May 2016 10:27:22 EST Filing Day Mon, 25 Apr 2016 12:00:00 EST Team Pompeo:

Over the past several weeks, I’ve sought to determine if I could best serve America and Kansas by entering the race for the U.S. Senate seat that stands for election in November of this year.  Many, many of you have been so supportive of Susan and me as we’ve worked our way through our decision.  For that, we are most grateful.

I’ve heard it repeatedly from nearly all of you, and see it for myself, that America is in a historically challenging place: tragically low economic opportunity for our young people due to anemic economic growth; a pressing threat from radical Islamic terrorism that, rightly, weighs on us all; a previously unparalleled anti-small business environment and a massive distrust.  Add an all-time high level of frustration with government as a direct result of leaders refusing to shoot straight with those they are charged to represent and it is crystal clear why there is anger daily playing out in the Presidential campaign.

Kansans and all Americans are tired of elected leaders that are too lazy, too ineffective and too fearful to speak truth about what is required to return America to its rightful place.  Much as I was critical of Hillary Clinton when she defended her record as Secretary of State by telling us how many hundreds of thousands of miles she has flown, it is equally absurd to defend one’s record in the Senate by telling constituents how many town halls you’ve held.  It’s the difference between motion and progress.  Listening lacks value if no actions follow.  The absence of positive outcomes fuels frustration and anger.

I started exploring a potential run for the United States Senate for this same reason: conflicting messages were sent about considering President Obama’s liberal Supreme Court nominee that would change the court for the worse for decades to come.  The next generation deserves better.  Filling this vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court is the transgenerational issue of our time.  No fight is more worth having.  The Senate cannot fold again on this one.  As I watched this waffling up close, I began to contemplate a Senate run. 

I believe in America and am a product of her opportunity.  We must fight at every turn for the freedoms that will ensure those opportunities for the generations behind us.

When my potential candidacy became public, I got an up close and personal look at the Republican political establishment, some of them right here in Kansas.  These insiders told me “don’t rock the boat” and “wait your turn” and they worked diligently to avoid competition. 

But, it’s never been about me.  I only know that America needs action now.  I now also know that the legacy Republican leaders engage in behavior that most of us never learn about because the insiders want to keep it to themselves.  In just the past three weeks — without any declaration from me that I was actually going to enter the election for Senate — former federal sleuths were hired to investigate me and my family.  This same campaign essentially attempted to extort Kansas elected officials into endorsing him, and “announced” endorsements that did not exist — I could go on and on.  Why all of this effort to distract rather than focus on policy accomplishments or his body of work on behalf of America? 

Some of you will read this and characterize those actions I just described as “politics as usual.”  You’re probably right; however, it need not be and it should not be.  The usual cannot stand.  These are not the actions of a strong leader, but rather of an officeholder for whom the retention of office is his primary focus.  These actions represent a tired Republican party that refuses to acknowledge its shortcomings.

Notwithstanding all of this, I have chosen not to enter the race for the U.S. Senate — and here’s why.  The 85 days remaining before the first votes are cast plus my especially consuming commitments to current duties on the Benghazi Committee, the House Intelligence Committee and a new investigatory Intelligence Task Force will preclude the kind of campaign that Kansans deserve and of which they would be justifiably proud — a “Team Pompeo” campaign!  Kansas is a big and glorious state.  To simply blanket it with TV and radio ads and bombard voters with direct mail might well prove to be effective and sufficient to win in both August and November.  But, it would not square with the way Susan and I view our obligation to you—nor be in the Team Pompeo tradition.

A Team Pompeo campaign means never cutting corners on meeting Kansans – plus, that’s the fun part!

When I first decided to leave my work running a small company here in Kansas to serve in Congress, I ran a campaign that touched many thousands of people, organized by volunteers who shared my vision of an America that rewards hard work, lifts unnecessary burdens from businesses and runs a solvent government.  We literally touched thousands: shook their hands, looked them in the eye and listened.  We held meet and greets — some with two people and some with forty people — six days a week, multiple times each day.  We did dozens and dozens of community events and forums and debates.  We listened and learned from the people of Kansas, and we loved it.  That learning has served me well in Congress and led to action — and everyone on Team Pompeo gained friendships that we will have for the rest of our lives.  Our campaigns are driven by truth, authenticity and faith.  The time remaining between now and the election will simply not permit us to do this all across the State—we would be forced to short cut.  We would want all Kansans to experience and get to know us through a full Team Pompeo campaign and the window for our kind of campaign is closed.

I will, today, file for re-election to the House of Representatives and seek to continue to represent the people of Kansas Fourth Congressional District with my full energy and commitment.  I will ask for your vote and humbly respect the decision that Kansans make about whether I’ve lived up to the promises I have made to each of you.  I hope that voters everywhere seek to send candidates to Washington who reflect the best of America at her founding and today—smart, hard-working and willing to fight for the things that matter. 

I have been privileged to serve the people of Kansas over the last few years and strive every day to represent them in a way worthy of the trust they have placed in me.

- Mike

P.S.  Be watching for new 2016 Team Pompeo gear—coming soon!


Sherman can’t wait for his first Team Pompeo campaign!

Mike and Marco Mon, 01 Feb 2016 12:00:00 EST Team Pompeo,

Today is the big day – the day when Iowa voters cast the first ballots of the 2016 presidential election in caucuses across the state.  Since Saturday, I’ve been traveling around Iowa to support Marco Rubio.  Marco is truly the best candidate to unite conservatives, defeat Hillary Clinton, and restore the safety and strength of America. 


Supporting Marco in the Iowa caucuses at a campaign rally in Cedar Rapids.

Yesterday, I watched Marco make his closing case to the people of Iowa.  His powerful life story was heard by hundreds of supporters all across the state. 

Susan and I encouraged Marco and complimented him on his professional, organized campaign team and volunteers.

Marco explained why he is uniquely qualified to crush the Obama-Clinton-Sanders agenda.  I met many caucus-goers in attendance and listened to their stories about traveling to the rallies. 

Loved seeing many young people in attendance at all of the rallies.  Marco is fighting to protect their future and give them the opportunity to achieve the American Dream.

As Iowans cast the very first votes tonight, I'll be at a megacaucus in Cedar Rapids sharing my personal experiences watching Marco serve America.  I know Marco.  He can lead and unify our nation.  If you have any friends and relatives in the area, please encourage them to attend their local caucus meeting.

I look forward to being a small part of the beginning of the process that will chart our nation’s course for the next four years.  Marco's commitment to freedom is exceptional.  He knows our nation is exceptional too.

Today is the beginning of a New American Century.


On the Road for Marco #2 Mon, 01 Feb 2016 12:00:00 EST

Team Pompeo,

We've arrived in Iowa and democracy is in full action--aided greatly by the warmth of Iowans every we go!  It's gratifying to hear (and see) members of the media and others experiencing Midwestern hospitality.  And, there is excitement you can feel for the looming opportunity we have to elect leadership that believes in the American Dream through conservative ideologies. 

Downtown Des Moines is lined with Welcome Banners and warm Midwestern hospitality.

Later today, we'll attend two campaign rallies – one at 3:00pm in Cedar Rapids at the Double Tree by Hilton Cedar Rapids, 350 1st Ave NE Cedar Rapids in the Grand Ballroom, and the second one at 6:00pmin Davenport at the Rogalski Center at St. Ambrose University at 2100 North Ripley Street, Davenport, IA.  If you have any friends and relatives in Iowa, please encourage them to turn out for the rallies to hear Marco in person and visit with Susan and me.  We’d love to meet them!  More information on the rallies is available HERE!

Kicking off the Iowa Caucus in Des Moines!

Please follow me this weekend and through Monday—on my website at www.PompeoForCongress.com and on Facebook—as we travel the state.  I’ll be sending pictures and commentary all along the way.  

 We can feel the Marcomentum!






I'm in Iowa Working for Marco Mon, 01 Feb 2016 12:00:00 EST

Team Pompeo,

Greetings from Iowa!  This weekend, I am stopping through Iowa on my way back to Washington, D.C.  I am on the road in support of Marco Rubio for President at the Iowa caucuses.  

Susan's maternal grandparents, Hugh & Bird Williamson, were lifelong Iowans and never missed voting in an election!

Why Iowa? Because this election matters a great deal to Kansas!  After eight years of Barack Obama, America is less prosperous, less safe, and less free.  Our nation simply cannot afford another day—let alone another four years—of the same disastrous policies that I ran for Congress to fight against.  Our next President must be willing to confront the realities of radical Islam at home and abroad, undo the disastrous regulatory regime put in place by this administration, and fight for the commonsense values that Kansans hold dear.  And Marco is just the person who can get that done.

I know Marco well.  I believe that he can articulate a vision of conservatism that speaks to every American, and will defeat Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in November.  Particularly on the issue of national security, which is so critical today, Marco simply has the best record and approach to keep Kansas families safe. Learn more about Marco here!

Susan reports that her grandparents were loyal lunchtime WMT radio listeners of "The Voice of Iowa," Michael McElroy show.  And, her Grandpa never missed the dawn "Ludwig Radio Show" for his daily agricultural report!

Please follow me this weekend and through Monday—on my website at www.PompeoForCongress.com and onFacebook—through Des Moines, Iowa City, and Coralville.  I’ll be sending pictures and commentary all along the way.  This will culminate with me representing Marco at a caucus on Monday night in Cedar Rapids where we expect Iowans to demonstrate great support for him.

On Sunday at 3pm, I’ll be with Marco in Cedar Rapids for a Campaign Rally at the Double Tree by Hilton Cedar Rapids, 350 1st Ave NE Cedar Rapids in the Grand Ballroom.  If you have any friends and relatives in Iowa, please encourage them to get out on Monday and participate in the Iowa Presidential caucus.  And, if they live anywhere near Cedar Rapids—make sure they come to the Rally to hear Marco and visit with Susan and me.  We’d love to meet them! 

Marco is surging in the polls, both in Iowa and nationwide.  The excitement and Marcomentum are real.  Together we can put America back on the path to being the country that we all know it can be.  It is a New American Century.  We must all work hard to make it so.


Merry Christmas from the Pompeo Family Mon, 21 Dec 2015 12:00:00 EST

Greetings Team Pompeo,

This Christmas, Susan, Nick and I wanted to bring you into our home and share one of our family traditions with you.  For our family, and for many of you, baking treats to enjoy during Christmas is at the center of our holiday memories.  Watch my mother’s fudge magically appear below . . . 

Susan, Nick, and I make my mother’s delicious Christmas fudge.  Click the image above or here to watch.

I want to give a special thanks to members of Team Pompeo who volunteered at the Kansas Food Bank last week, as they do all year long.  While there, they helped put together bags for the Food 4 Kids program and enjoyed speaking with the volunteers and staff who work to help fulfill the mission of the Kansas Food Bank.


For those of you venturing away from home to visit relatives and friends; I wish you safe travels.  May God bless you and your family.  Susan, Nick, and Sherman (see below!) join me in wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.





P.S. – Sherman is in the Christmas spirit and looks forward to enjoying lots of treats this holiday!

Rep. Mike and Susan Pompeo to cast votes at Edgemoor Recreation Center with Jardine Academy students Mon, 03 Nov 2014 12:00:00 EST Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE

WICHITA—Rep. Mike Pompeo and his wife Susan will cast their votes on Tuesday, November 4, at Edgemoor Rec Center.  Two students from the Jardine STEM & Career Explorations Academy in Wichita will accompany Rep. Pompeo and Susan to learn about the election process.  The media is invited to attend the event at the voting location.

Rep. Pompeo votes on Election Day with Jardine STEM & Career Explorations Academy students

Rep. Mike Pompeo
Susan Pompeo
Kierra and Oscar, two eighth grade Jardine Academy students

Tuesday, November 4, at 10:00 AM

Edgemoor Recreation Center
5815 E. 9th St. N.
Wichita, Kan. 67208

Rep. Pompeo believes in a bright future for our young people.  Come meet two eighth grade students, Kierra and Oscar, from Jardine STEM & Career Explorations Academy!  Watch as they learn about the importance of democracy and the election process at the polls this Tuesday with their Congressman.

Kierra and Oscar won their school’s essay contest to participate in Election Day with Rep. Pompeo.  The students were tasked to write about what they learned during their government unit and what they hope to experience should they be selected to participate in Election Day with their Congressman.  Jardine principal Lura Atherly and teacher Kristin Thomson will also attend with the students.

Photo and video opportunities will be available.  


Jardine STEM & Career Explorations Academy is centered on a national importance in education to prepare citizens for the technology-rich, innovative, and global economy that 21st century students will experience as adults.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  Jardine eighth grade social studies teacher Kristin Thomson has been doing great work in helping educate her students about government and the political process during this election season.

Mike Pompeo is a longtime job creator in Kansas, having grown companies in the aviation and oil and gas industries. A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, Pompeo was elected to the United States Congress in his first political campaign in 2010. He and his wife, Susan, live in Wichita.

Mike has already been endorsed by the National Rifle Association, Kansas Farm Bureau, Kansans for Life, the National Right to Life Committee, Family Research Council Action PAC, Club for Growth PAC, FreedomWorks, Tea Party Nation, the US. Chamber of Commerce, Governor Huckabee, Governor Brownback, Senator Moran, and Senator Roberts. He also has been recognized as a leading conservative voice by Americans for Prosperity, the American Conservative Union, National Taxpayers Union, Citizens Against Government Waste, Heritage Action, Americans for Tax Reform, and Family Research Council.

JOIN MIKE and SUSAN TOMORROW—MONDAY, NOVEMBER 3RD! Sun, 02 Nov 2014 12:00:00 EST Team Pompeo,

We hope you're ready for some fun tomorrow!  You're invited to attend our FALL OPEN HOUSE!  Stop by the campaign office anytime between 11 AM and 7 PM, and bring your friends, family, and neighbors.  We’ll treat you to coffee, apple cider, snacks, and goodie bags.  If you come during lunch or dinnertime, we’ll provide you with tasty sandwiches, too!

Everyone is welcome.  There will be fun activities and games for the kids all day long.  Between 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM, and 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM, Mike and Susan will be at the campaign office to visit with supporters.  Mike and Susan would like a chance to say thanks for a great campaign year and get a photo with you as we bring election cycle 2014 to a close. 

Monday, November 3

Fall Open House

 11 AM – 7 PM

Pompeo for Congress
416 S. Market 
Wichita, KS 67202

Parking: There is plenty of free, door-side parking
available beside our campaign office. 

Come enjoy apple cider, sandwiches,
photos with Mike, and games for the kids!



Mike talks with supporters at the campaign open house in June.

Be sure to grab your final campaign 2014 supply of T-shirts, bumper stickers, and other Pompeo goodies while you’re here.  And after the Fall Open House, remember to go out and Get 10 for Mike!  Find 10 people you know, tell them about Mike, and make sure they get to the polls to vote this Tuesday, November 4!  Click the Get 10 button above to learn more.

We hope to see you at the Fall Open House tomorrow!  Please call the campaign office at (316) 633-4700 if you have any questions.  

Go Team Pompeo!

Amy Rider
Deputy Campaign Manager
(316) 210-8587

Mike and Susan invite you to the SCRP Election Night Watch Party! Sat, 01 Nov 2014 12:00:00 EST Greetings Volunteers and Supporters,

All eyes will be on Kansas this Election Day: Tuesday, November 4.  Mike and I will join Senator Jerry Moran and our Sedgwick County Republican Party friends at their Election Night 2014 Watch Party!  All Republican candidates and supporters are invited, so bring your friends and family as we witness the election coverage live!

Mike and I will kick off the SCRP party from 7-8 PM and hope to see YOU there!  Mike will talk to all of you, then we look forward to seeing the early east coast returns bringing the start of good news for the rest of the night!  Special Kansans will Skype in throughout the evening.

Sedgwick County Republican Party
Election Night 2014 Watch Party

November 4, 2014

7:00 PM, Doors Open

Corporate Hills Marriott
Kansas Ballroom

9100 E. Corporate Hills Drive
Wichita, Kansas 67207

Two entrances: The Marriott West Entrance, which is closest to the Kansas Ballroom, or the Marriott Main Entrance

Parking: Drive past the Main Entrance and park on the west side of the building to enter by the Kansas Ballroom.  Parking is FREE all around the hotel.

Non-alcoholic beverages, appetizers and desserts are complimentary. Cash bar provided.

Live Fox News coverage all night – and a quiet corner for the more serious observers!

WiFi!  Patriotic music!

There will also be a raffle for party attendees to win gift cards to Chick-fil-a, Cocoa Dolce, and the Warren Theatres.



A snapshot from our Primary Election Night Party on August 5!

So, get your friends and family to the polls and be sure to “Get 10!”  Then, please join us at the SCRP 2014 Watch Party this Tuesday!  We look forward to celebrating with you on Election Day.



Butler County Times-Gazette: Kansas GOP bus tour visits Butler County on Wednesday Fri, 31 Oct 2014 12:00:00 EST Read story here.

By Julie Clements & Belinda Larsen 

The 2014 Kansas Republican Party’s “Clean Sweep” Bus Tour made stops in El Dorado and Augusta Wednesday as they began their four-day tour across Kansas.

Sen. Pat Roberts, Gov. Sam Brownback, Rep. Mike Pompeo, State Treasurer Ron Estes, Secretary of State Kris Kobach and candidate for insurance commissioner Ken Selzer made the stop visiting with constituents and talking about the upcoming election.

The first to speak was Roberts.

“I’m Pat Roberts,” he began. “You know me. I’m a fourth generation Kansan, I’m a Marine, I’m a conservative, I’m a Republican. We’ve won a lot of battles together, we’re going to win more. I want to tell you that this race is so much more than about me. This is a race that boils down to whether or not we have a Republican majority in the United States Senate to end the gridlock, get things done and get our country back.”

He said President Obama said it well when he said this race was a referendum on his policies, programs and legacy.

“My opponent, Greg Orman, is not an independent,” Roberts continued. “He is in fact a liberal Democrat, on the issues and by contributions and about who he is.”

He said recently Orman was in New York and talking with the Soros family and Michael Bloomberg for endorsements. He also was endorsed by the AFL-CIO.

“The choice is pretty clear – you have a person who is pro-amnesty, I am not; who is pro-abortion, I am not; he thinks we ought to keep Obamacare as law of the land, I want to repeal and replace it,” Roberts said.

He said the last thing he wanted to say is Orman would not stand up to Obama or Harry Reid, saying he gave them money, support and voted for them. 

“The road to a majority in the United States Senate runs right through Kansas right now and we are going to win this race,” he said.

Brownback spoke next.

“We have things moving the right direction in Kansas,” he said. “Our unemployment rate is at 4.8 percent; it was 6.8 when I started. Our schools are the fifth best ranked in America. We invested more money than ever before, we got your taxes down, and the other guy, Paul Davis, wants to raise your taxes. That’s not the way we want to go in Kansas. That’s not the way to grow. He said ‘We don’t like what you’re doing, I’m going to raise your taxes.’ That’s the way for us to get in decline, not to grow.”

The next to speak was Pompeo.

“I’m going to be really brief, because the issue is really clear,” Pompeo said. “The option that the folks in the 4th District face on the ballot is really straight forward. It’s about whether you want Kansas to be an opportunity society, and if you do, you’re going to vote for Gov. Brownback. If you want America to look more like that too, more like the set of values we have here in the heartland, the chance of you voting to return Harry Reid to majority leadership in the United States leadership is precisely zero. We cannot emphasize enough, this is going to be about who decides to go cast the ballot.

“Let’s return this conservative notion of opportunity to Kansas and to America,” Pompeo said. 

Kobach spoke next.

“Not only are we going to win on Nov. 4, we are going to win fair and square,” he began. “Why? Because there are fair elections in Kansas. You probably know Kansas became the first state in America to combine photo ID at the polls, equivalent security for mail-in ballots and proof of citizenship when you register to vote.”

He said now Alabama and Pennsylvania are copying the law.

“We’ve shown you can make it easy to vote but hard to cheat,” he said. “Now isn’t that common sense. The other side is saying voter fraud doesn’t exist.”

He said they must not have been reading the papers much, citing a story about a woman in Connecticut who committed 18 acts of voter fraud being prosecuted and a story in the Washington Post about 14 percent of non-citizens in the country are already registered to vote illegally and about 6 percent voted in 2008 and 2 percent in 2010.

“That’s not happening in Kansas because we’ve shown you can secure our system,” he said. “I hope you all get out and vote fairly, vote only once, but do vote.”

Estes spoke next. 

“Four years ago when we had the clean sweep bus tour we elected Republicans all up and down the ballot statewide and federal,” he said. “In those four years we’ve gotten a lot done; Republicans have gotten a lot done. We returned over $65 million to Kansans so they can help grow the economy in Kansas." 

He said the governor and legislature worked to improve the pension system in the state.

“We’ve got a few more days to get over the finish line to return all Republicans again so we can keep getting the job done,” he said.

The final speaker was Selzer.

 “I’m a CPA. I have 32 years of directly relevant insurance experience for this job,” he began. “If you want somebody who understands business and how to bring good business practices to this incredibly important insurance department. I’m your man.”

He talked about party unity, saying just think what it would look like in the state government with a liberal in the governor’s office.

“I look forward to everybody voting Republican,” he said. “We can do good things in this state. We are all proud to be Republicans.”

Brownback concluded by saying, “Let’s go win it Nov. 4. God bless you all.” 

David Crum, Kansas Representative, Dist. 77 from Augusta, endorsed Brownback’s re-election and shared some thoughts Wednesday before the tour stopped in Augusta.

“It has been a pleasure to serve with Gov. Brownback these past four years. His policies, developed in cooperation with the legislature, are having a very positive impact on our state,” Crum said. “We have been through one of the most difficult economic times in our nation’s history. The impact has been devastating to families who have lost jobs.”

Crum explained Brownback’s support of technical education has helped increase attendance at community colleges, as well as technical schools.  He also credited Brownback with expansion of engineering programs which will improve the capability of the state’s workforce. 

“As far as K-12 education, we have an outstanding teacher workforce and thanks to state funding of capitol improvements, excellent facilities throughout the state,” Crum added. “Governor Brownback has worked tirelessly to restore our economic vitality and in turn make more jobs available. I encourage every voter to re-elect Gov. Brownback on Nov. 4.”

Wichita Eagle: Sen. Rand Paul campaigns for Sam Brownback, Pat Roberts in Wichita Tue, 28 Oct 2014 12:00:00 EST Read story here.

By Fred Mann

During a campaign stop in Wichita on Tuesday, Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul urged Kansas voters to re-elect Gov. Sam Brownback and Sen. Pat Roberts.

“You have to come together,” he told a rally of about 200 people at Jabara Airport in northeast Wichita. “We’re counting on you Kansas. You’re a Republican state, for goodness sakes.”

Roberts, Brownback, and U.S. Reps. Mike Pompeo and Tim Huelskamp also spoke at the rally, as did Brownback’s running mate, Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer.

Brownback is trying to fend off a challenge from Democrat Paul Davis, while Roberts is in a tight race against independent candidate Greg Orman.

U.S. Senator Rand Paul speaks during a rally at Jabara Airport. He was there to support Governor Sam Brownback and U.S. Senator Pat Roberts. (October 28, 2014)

U.S. Senator Rand Paul speaks during a rally at Jabara Airport. He was there to support Governor Sam Brownback and U.S. Senator Pat Roberts. (October 28, 2014) | Jaime Green/The Wichita Eagle

Paul said that if voters send 49 Republicans to the U.S. Senate but leave out Roberts, “you get nothing. You get 100 percent Harry Reid, you get 100 percent liberal agenda, you get no tax relief, you get no regulatory relief.”

Paul said the country has 20,000 pages of regulations costing the economy $2 trillion, most of them written by the Obama administration. He praised Roberts for helping him work on legislation that would require Congressional approval for regulations costing the economy more than $100 million.

“We would make those regulations come back and be voted on by your representatives,” Paul said.

Paul, often mentioned as a potential presidential candidate in 2016, also said Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton discount individuals and American ingenuity in creating businesses and jobs.

He said he is endorsing Roberts and Brownback, because “they know that businesses do create jobs.”

Newton Kansan: Candidates speak to voters in forum Sat, 25 Oct 2014 12:00:00 EST Read article here.

By Jeff Guy

With 12 days until the election, political candidates were in Newton's McKinley School Board Room Thursday night at a candidate forum hosted by the Newton Business and Professional Women organization.

Candidates for the fourth district congressional race - Republican incumbent Mike Pompeo  and Democratic challenger Perry Schuckman - spoke first.

Pompeo said he left his 16-year career in business to run for Congress because he felt the opportunities he had might not be there for his son. He also was concerned about the United States spending more money than it's bringing in.

"In America, we're on course to spend $1.4 trillion more than we took in," Pompeo said. "That's not a Republican problem, not an Obama problem, that's an American problem."

Pompeo also expressed concerns about cuts to the defense budget. He mentioned the shooting rampage in Ottawa, Canada this week in which the gunman killed a soldier and threatened parliament - an act some are calling "terrorist."

"I pray each night that threat will go away and that we'll be safe and won't have to worry about Islamic terrorists,"Pompeo said. "I think our president has let us down in that respect. His respect around the world is practically zero."

Shuckman said he admired what troops had done in Afghanistan and Pres. Obama's killing of Osama bin Laden. He said he "abors" ISIS, but he believes countries in the Middle East region should be dealing with the problem before sending American service men and women in harm's way.

Pompeo said, "We can't afford to walk away from the world satage."

Schuckman expressed concerns about constitutional rights being sabotaged in the fight against terrorism through such things as the Patriot Act.

"We're giving up constitutional rights for the sake of terror," he said. "We lose when we actually let terrorists take over our constitutional freedoms."

Schuckman talked about growing up in Hutchinson with a single mother who raised three children. He talked about opening five homeless shelters and two medical clinics and running non-profit organizations in California and Kansas.

He talked about the need to reduce income disparities, saying, "We have to find a way to rebalance, to give everyone an opportunity to climb that ladder."

Schuckman also expressed his support for the Affordable Care Act. He talked about his girlfriend who had pancreatic cancer and faced uncertainty about her health insurance until a few months before her death when she received help through the ACA.

"The ACA is not a vile, vicious tool to rule over the country," Schuckman said.

Pompeo said he talked to a physician in Augusta who said he used to see 24 patients a day, but now only has time to see 18 patients.

"Who's going to see the patients if the doctor is staring down a laptop" trying to comply with the rules, Pompeoasked.

Jean Schodorf, a former Republican member of the Kansas Senate, now running as a Democrat for Kansas secretary of state, also spoke. She is challenging current Republican secretary of state Kris Kobach.

"I will return integrity to the secretary of state's office," Schodorf said. "Nobody has been minding the store for the past four years because our secretary of state has been in Arizona and Texas and Pennsylvania and Nebraska."

Kobach was not at the forum, but a representative, Samantha Poeter, spoke briefly for him.

Kobach has created a voting system in which it's "easy to vote, hard to cheat," Poeter said.

Schodorf said Kobach's voting restrictions have denied 23,800 of their right to vote and that her first act as secretary of state would be to restore those rights.

"One man in Kansas is taking away our freedoms in our state," Schodorf said. "I said at that moment, not on my watch."

Wichita Eagle Endorses Rep. Mike Pompeo Sat, 25 Oct 2014 12:00:00 EST Read endorsement here.

4th Congressional District

Two-term Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, survived a surprising primary challenge from predecessor Todd Tiahrt and remains the best choice for his district for the general election. A true believer in a free market and smaller government, he is among the House Republicans who have helped the country get serious about curbing federal spending and debt since 2011. He has emerged as an informed, influential voice on intelligence gathering and foreign policy matters including Syria, and was named to the panel investigating the Benghazi incident. Pompeo stands out in his caucus and the Kansas delegation for actually getting a bill passed and signed by the president – a new law that will help Wichita’s economy by streamlining the certification process for general aviation. In a third term, he hopes to similarly work across the aisle and Capitol on natural-gas pipeline permitting and genetically modified food labeling. Pompeo’s constituents would be well-served by more of that pragmatic consensus building and less of his Obama- and Democrat-bashing. He deserves more time in Congress.


K-State Collegian: Pompeo visits campus Wed, 22 Oct 2014 12:00:00 EST Read article here.

Rep. Mike Pompeo visited K-State Tuesday as part of his campaign for the 4th District U.S. House seat. The Republican incumbent, who soundly defeated former Rep. Todd Tiahrt in the August primary 62 to 37 percent, now faces Democratic challenger Perry Schuckman for the seat.

Schuckman said Pompeo’s vote against this year’s farm bill would have increased milk prices if the bill hadn’t passed, according to a Wichita Eagle article.

“I think it comes down to not understanding the economics of those families who are stuck at $7.35-per-hour jobs,” Schuckman said in the article.

Pompeo said the concerns over milk prices were unfounded since Congress would have continued to work until a bill did pass.

“Perry’s crazy,” Pompeo said. “It’s a complete lie. It’s a lie. Had the bill not passed, the price of milk would not have gone up. Had the bill really failed, we would have gone back at it again.”

Some 500 troops from Fort Riley were sent to Iraq and other countries in the Middle East this month to coordinate with foreign troops in the fight against the Islamic State (ISIL). Pompeo said he supports sending in American ground troops as well.

“I actually just got back from the Middle East,” Pompeo said. “I’m happy with what we’re doing so far. Airstrikes are fine, but they don’t begin to address the reality of the threat to the United States presented by radical Islamic terrorism.”

He said the situation compared to other battles Americans fought.

“My generation was the tail end of the Cold War,” he said. “Before that, you had Nazism. This will ultimately be this generation’s fight, this battle where radical Islam continues to want to take on the West in fundamental ways, in the same way these other ideologies wanted to do before. I think we’re going to be at this for a while. We ought to be vigorous and thoughtful and effective in the way we respond.”

Pompeo said Kansans should care about ISIL because the group’s goal is to kill Americans.

“The organizations that are dominated by this Islamist ideology are intent on killing Americans here in America,” he said. “For me, this is not about democracy in Syria or nation building in Iraq or any of these other places. This is about the fundamental security of the American people.”

At the Kansas Family Strengthening Summit in 2011, Pompeo said families were at the very core of the nation. However, he said he does not believe that statement applies to families of same-sex couples.

“I don’t agree with (same-sex marriage),” he said. “I think marriage ought to continue to be between one man and one woman. So do most Kansans, for what it matters. I think when it was on the ballot (the state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage), 70 percent (voted in favor of the ban). There was overwhelming support for it in the state of Kansas.”

The constitutional ban passed in 2005 with 70 percent approval. However, a recent survey by Public Policy Polling showed 44 percent of Kansans in favor of same-sex marriages and 49 percent opposed.

“I think as you look back at civilization, look back at history, you find the strength of these families having a father and a mother is the ideal condition for childbearing,” Pompeo said. “Doesn’t mean there aren’t great families with single parents, great young men and women raised without either parent. If you’re asking for what is ideal, I think it’s being raised by a man and a woman.”

With 25 wind farms and almost 3,000 megawatts of wind energy capacity, Kansas is one of the top wind energy producing states in the country, according to a Wichita Eagle article.

Federal tax credits were given to those wind farm owners. Pompeo said he wants to end the tax credits for all energy sources, regardless of their source.

“For decades, Republicans and Democrats alike have had their favorite energy sources,” Pompeo said. “Iowa, you liked wind, if you’re from Texas, you liked oil. If you were from Washington, you liked hydroelectric. There was an attempt to force consumers to take an energy source because that politician liked it and they did it by these tax credits.”]]>
Winfield Daily Courier: Letter to the Editor in Support of Rep. Pompeo Wed, 22 Oct 2014 12:00:00 EST Read letter here.

Proud that Pompeo represents Kansas

To the Editor,

I’m proud that Mike Pompeo is our congressman.  He served in the Army, owned a small business, and has taken our conservative Kansas values to Washington.  He is a leader we can be proud to send to our nation’s capital.  At the same time, he has clearly maintained his Kansas roots because he is back home at every opportunity, meeting with constituents and local businesses.

Mike is a man of character.  He has taken tough positions and tough votes, but has always been honest and forthright with the people he represents.  Mike understands that in order for our economy to improve, big government has to get out of the way of businesses in Kansas.  This way, we can create jobs and opportunities for our communities.

We should be proud of the work Mike is doing to grow the economy, cut wasteful spending, and protect our nation from those who intend to do us harm.  It isn’t common to have a representative this dedicated.  Let’s keep him working hard for us in Congress.  Vote for Mike Pompeo on November 5!

Arleth Uranga

Join Mike at the Arkalalah Parade this Saturday! Tue, 21 Oct 2014 12:00:00 EST Friends,

Arkalalah is one of the most popular and highly anticipated festivals in South Central Kansas. Since 1928, families have been attending this October celebration and enjoying the parade, carnival, street games, and crowning of the Arkalalah Queen.  Mike, Susan, and Team Pompeo invite you to join us as we walk in the Arkalalah Parade on Saturday, October 25!  Bring your friends, family, and neighbors.  After the parade, enjoy the carnival, food court, tractor pulls, car show, and arts and crafts booths.  For a complete list of activities at Arkalalah, click here.  

Put on your comfortable walking shoes and meet us in Ark City or ride with us from the campaign office.  We’ll provide plenty of water bottles for our parade walkers.  Come meet the great folks of Ark City and celebrate a wonderful town in our district.  If you live in Ark City, please come grab a T-shirt and walk with us!  See details below:

Saturday, October 25

Arkalalah Parade
Team Pompeo is lining up at 1 PM, Parade begins at 2 PM

If you want to travel with the Team: Team Pompeo is leaving from the campaign office at 416 S. Market St. in Wichita.  We will meet at the campaign office at 11:40 PM.  Click here for a map.  Team Pompeo will travel to Ark City at 11:50 AM and arrive at 1 PM to line up.

If you’d prefer to meet us in Ark City: We will be lining up at the intersection of Maple and Summit streets.  You can park along side streets near the intersection.  Click here for a map.

Check out this video of Team Pompeo walking in the Maize Fall Festival Parade on October 11.  See how much fun we have?!

Click anywhere on the image to watch our video!

And enjoy a few photos taken from last weekend's parade in Haysville:



Team Pompeo walked in the Haysville Fall Festival Parade on October 18, 2014.



Chuck Miller drove his Thunderbird in the Haysville parade. Thanks, Chuck!



Winnie Laughlin and her jumping dog, Mercy, entertain Haysville parade attendees!

Just look for Team Pompeo shirts and the Pompeo banners and signs at the parade.  Wear your T-shirt!  We will have extra T-shirts there if you need one.

Stock up on your Team Pompeo goodies!  We’ll bring everything you need, including Pompeo for Congress bumper stickers, wristbands, and buttons.  Be sure to take everything you want home for yourself and to share with your friends, family, and coworkers!

We hope that you will join us at the Arkalalah Parade on Saturday.  Please contact me at the number below if you have any questions.  You are always welcome to call the campaign office at (316) 633-4700 or stop by and visit us at 416 S. Market in Wichita. (Click the address to view a map.)

We’ll see you Saturday!


Amy Rider
Deputy Campaign Manager
(316) 210-8587
Pompeo for Congress


Join us for a sign wave!  Tomorrow (Wednesday, Oct. 22), Team Pompeo will be standing outside Spirit, Cessna, and Beech waving Pompeo for Congress signs at passing traffic from 3:30 – 4:30 PM.

We’ll be waving signs again on Tuesday, October 28, from 4:30 – 5:30 PM at Kellogg and Webb, 21st and Tyler, and Central and Rock.  Give me a call at (316) 210-8587 if you’d like to join us!

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Butler County Times-Gazette: Letter to the Editor in Support of Rep. Pompeo

Butler County Times-Gazette: Another Letter to the Editor in Support of Rep. Pompeo

Butler County Times-Gazette: Candidates discuss issues before election

Wichita Eagle: 4th District race reflects political divide

Fox News: Rep. Pompeo on new terror threats against US

Support Kansas conservative candidates at our phone bank! Tue, 21 Oct 2014 12:00:00 EST eam Pompeo,

Election Day is approaching fast and there are several key races conservatives must win!  YOU have the ability to make a difference in our state and country, and your support means more than ever right now.  By volunteering at our campaign office, you will have an impact on the voters of the 4th District.  We need you to come make calls at our phone bank!

Phone banking has an enormous influence – and not just in our race.  Volunteering at the phone bank is the best and easiest way to reach voters around the 4th District and help Get Out The Vote for the Kansas conservative candidates.  Both Senator Roberts and Governor Brownback’s campaigns are counting on OUR phone bank to successfully achieve our call goals.  If we are able to turn out Pompeo voters, it will make a significant difference in the Republicans having a successful election in Kansas onNovember 4th.

Every cable news channel is covering the Senate and Governor’s race every two hours.  We are in the news because these races are tight – but Team Pompeo is not going to let the Democrats win! As conservatives, we must unite to move Kansas and the United States in the right direction, toward greater economic and personal freedom.  All across the country, Americans are fighting to take back the Senate.  We have a real chance to take out Harry Reid as a Majority Leader; Republicans only need to gain six seats!  We must keep Pat Roberts working hard for us in the Senate, and we MUST keep Kansas under Republican leadership with Sam Brownback as our governor!



Campaign volunteers helping to Get Out The Vote!

So, drop by our campaign office and make some phone calls with Team Pompeo!  Become a captain by bringing a group of friends – we need phone bank leaders to take charge and help us reach our calling goals.  We provide meals, delicious snacks, and refreshing beverages for our volunteers, and you can win big prizes, too!  Here are some of the FANTASTIC incentives:

  • To be a phone bank captain, bring in a team of three or more friends and work together to make as many calls as you can.  You and your team will win free Warren Theatre movie passes for volunteering at least one hour!
  • Our top phone banker of the week (whoever logs the most phone calls) will win a $25 gift card!
  • Team Pompeo will provide meals for those who come in during evening hours!

Call me, Maddy Hesse, at (316) 641-9679 to get more information on our phone bank program or to sign you and your friends up for a session!  We are open Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 8 PM.  Read this message from one of our regular campaign volunteers, Dennis Beebe:

"I enjoy making phone calls for Mike Pompeo. I like it so much that I made 2,300-plus phone calls for Mike leading up to this year's primary. It's great talking with people, and an awful lot of them are already committed to voting for Mike. Team Pompeo has the most supportive group of volunteers. Best of all, I know I'm making a real difference for Kansas."  Dennis Beebe



Dennis Beebe, our top phone banker last week, received a dinner gift card!

So, what do you say?  Join Dennis and the rest of Team Pompeo on the campaign trail!  Please contact me at the number below if you have any questions.  And as always, you're welcome to call the campaign office at (316) 633-4700 or stop by and visit us at 416 S. Market in Wichita!

Now is the time to stand up for common-sense Kansas values.  Come volunteer at our office and help make a REAL DIFFERENCE on Election Day!


Madeline Hesse
Field Representative
(316) 641-9679


Come walk with us in this Saturday's parade!

Saturday, October 25: Arkalalah – 2 PM

Watch this video of Team Pompeo in the Maize Fall Festival Parade!  See how much fun we have?

And join us for a sign wave!

Wednesday, October 22: Aviation Waves from 3:30 - 4:30 PM at Spirit, Cessna, and Beech

Tuesday, October 28: Rush Hour Waves from 4:30 – 5:30 PM at Kellogg and Webb, 21st and Tyler, Central and Rock.

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Butler County Times-Gazette: Letter to the Editor in Support of Rep. Pompeo

Butler County Times-Gazette: Candidates discuss issues before election

Wichita Eagle: 4th District race reflects political divide

Fox News: Rep. Pompeo on new terror threats against US

Getting Votes the Old Fashioned Way! Mon, 20 Oct 2014 12:00:00 EST In 2010 (Mike’s first campaign), we brought back an old fashioned campaign tactic that was fun and successful in getting out the vote—and getting out the vote for Mike.  Many of you will remember ourPOSTCARDS FOR POMPEO program, as you sent out hundreds of these postcards to your family and friends.  You sent them to your friends at church, your book and bunco clubs; your neighbors—some of you even mailed the postcards to all or part of your Christmas card list.  POSTCARDS FOR POMPEOwere all the rage with our volunteers and they were landing in mailboxes in big numbers in Sumner, Cowley, Sedgwick and Butler counties.  We knew we were humming when people were receiving more than one postcard—and telling us that these postcard personal endorsements from their friends and family made a difference in their 2010 voting decision!  Volunteer Norma Mercer sent postcards to her entire Christmas card list in 2010 and reeled in dozens of voters.  Thanks, Norma!

Help us make a difference now, in 2014! The postcards are pre-printed with a short bio about Mike, but with space for you to handwrite your own brief message on why YOU are voting for Mike OR you may type up a short message, copy it and stick it on with double stick tape!  If you need help with what to say or typing and copying your message, just call the office (316) 633-4700 and Amy, Maddy or I are happy to help!



Call the office today and let us know how many postcards we can send you—10, 20 or 30?  SPECIAL DEAL:  For the first five people to request 20 or more postcards, we’ll include the stamps as our thank you!

Butler County Times-Gazette: Letter to the Editor in Support of Rep. Pompeo Sun, 19 Oct 2014 12:00:00 EST Butler County
To the Editor,
As a former teacher, I know that successful children have many caring adults in their life.  I see this with my own grandchildren.  My grandson, Stephen Andersen, recently started his first post-college, professional job.  One of the caring adults in his life for many years is the father of his close friend.  This man served as a job reference for Stephen and celebrated along with us when Stephen landed this important first job.  He took Stephen on family trips; enjoyed lots of Shocker basketball with Stephen in tow—not to mention movies and meals.  They share jokes and interests and Stephen always consoles him during the annual Army-Navy football game.
This Christian man of character and integrity who has genuinely cared about Stephen alongside his own son, Nick, as the boys grew up is our current Congressman, Mike Pompeo.  I have watched this relationship over the years with joy and admiration.  Mike Pompeo is a man of depth and honor.  His son, Nick, who has been to my farm several times, is a special person too.
I encourage you to join me in voting for Mike Pompeo on November 4th.
Ruth Jean Andersen
Anthony, KS
Butler County Times-Gazette: Candidates discuss issues before election Sat, 18 Oct 2014 12:00:00 EST See article here. 

      • Candidates for national, state and local elections shared their thoughts at a Leadership Butler Candidates Forum Thursday night at The Point Events Center in Augusta.

    By Kent Bush 

    Augusta, Kan.
    Candidates for national, state and local elections shared their thoughts at a Leadership Butler Candidates Forum Thursday night at The Point Events Center in Augusta.
    Congressman Mike Pompeo began the night by telling those in attendance he was proud the budget deficit had shrunk during his four years in Congress but he isn’t satisfied with how spending decisions are made at the federal level.
    “This is not a Barack Obama problem,” said Pompeo, who defeated Todd Tiahrt in a heated primary and is facing far less of a challenge from Democrat opponent Perry Schuckman in the General Election. “This problem has existed for 60 years no matter who has controlled congress or resided in the White House.”
    Pompeo said he believed getting spending under control would help accelerate the economy.
    Pompeo advocated for closing the borders and said his military experience of working along the Berlin Wall showed you can know who is coming into your country. He also discussed coming home almost every weekend.
    He said he enjoyed coming home to Kansas and seeing how policies are affecting people in his district. Pompeo also enjoys speaking to student groups when he is back in the district.
    One of the most popular candidates in attendance was the Libertarian candidate for Governor, Keen Umbehr.
    His thoughts on moving Kansas to a “fair tax” system were well received by audience members and candidates who spoke later in the evening from both parties.
    Umbehr pointed out one of the interesting points of Kansas tax law is business owners don’t pay tax on what they earn. The theory is those business owners will employ more people with the money they save.
    Umbehr says that creates an unfair system.
    “I believe all laws should apply to all people all the time,” Umbehr said. “I don’t pay taxes on what I earn but 1.4 million wage earners in this state have income taxes taken out of their checks. That just isn’t right and people know it.”
    Umbehr was also critical of the lifetime exemption on property taxes for huge wind turbines across parts of Kansas. He said guaranteeing that power has to be purchased from these companies and then exempting them from property taxes on the equipment has led to companies making huge profits while schools in those areas are being cheated out of their fair share of the revenue.
    Umbehr also advocated for school choice.
    “Public schools do a great job. My kids all went to public school and they are all doing very well,” he said. “But people should have a right to take their children where they want to school. The money should follow the student and not the school district.”

    Secretary of State candidate Jean Schodorf told the crowd she hoped to restore the office to the people of Kansas.
    “I won’t be a part-time Secretary of State who of goes to all of these other states to work and runs a part-time law firm out of the office,” Schodorf said. “I will be a Secretary of State for the people of Kansas and won’t push an extremist personal agenda and embarrass our state on the national level by playing partisan games with the office.”
    Schodorf said when she was in the State Senate she voted for the Kobach secure voting bill. But she says Kobach misled the legislators about how the bill would be enforced and she wants to serve in that office to make the program work as promised.
    Other candidates who attended the forum were State House District 12 and 75 candidates.
    In District 12, Democrat Eden Fuson is challenging Republican Virgil Peck for the office.
    Fuson said her interest in politics began when she was only 16. She said per pupil funding is at 1994 levels and that isn’t an adequate investment in education.
    Peck was proud of his vote to fund education and remove the statewide mandate for due process for teachers in Kansas. He said moving the due process issue to the local level was the best policy.
    He also said expenditures on education, when retirement programs and other costs are included, have never been higher.
    When asked if the legislature would have funded education at the same level without the lawsuit filed by schools against the state, Peck said they probably wouldn’t have.
    “You are asking me to read the minds of my colleagues and I can’t do that,” Peck said. “But no, I don’t think the legislature would have put in as much without the lawsuit. And a lot of other things wouldn’t have happened without that lawsuit.”
    Democrat Keri Ratliff is challenging Republican Will Carpenter for the District 75 seat.
    Ratliff said she got in the race because of April’s education funding bill.
    “You don’t mess with a woman’s kids,” Ratliff said. “And they did take away due process. They say they didn’t. But when something is there and you remove it, you took it away.”
    She said if the state legislature believed moving due process to the local level was the best idea, it should have taken place in the open and not some last minute, late night deal that no one knew was coming. The measure legislators passed was never debated in committee or the house floor before it was attached to the education funding bill.

    Carpenter said he was proud that he hasn’t sponsored or written any bills.
    “There are too many bills already,” Carpenter said. “They are clogging the system.”
    Carpenter said he likes the idea of a fair tax to replace the income tax, but replacing the entire system is a difficult task.
    “There is too much corporate and personal welfare in the state right now,” Carpenter said.

Join Mike at the Haysville Fall Festival Parade this Saturday! Wed, 15 Oct 2014 12:00:00 EST Friends,

It’s time for the 30th Annual Haysville Fall Festival!  Mike, Susan, and Team Pompeo invite you to join us as we walk in the Haysville Fall Festival Parade on Saturday, October 18!  Bring your friends, family, and neighbors.  After the parade, enjoy the carnival, food court, tractor pulls, car show, and arts and crafts booths.  For a complete list of activities at the Haysville Fall Festival, click here.  

Put on your comfortable walking shoes and meet us in Haysville or ride with us from the campaign office.  We’ll provide parade entry buttons and plenty of water bottles for our parade walkers.  Come meet the great folks of Haysville and celebrate a wonderful town in our district.  If you live in Haysville, please come grab a T-shirt and walk with us!  See details below:

Saturday, October 18

Haysville Fall Festival Parade
Line up begins at 7:30 AM, Parade at 9 AM

If you want to travel with the Team: Team Pompeo is leaving from the campaign office at 416 S. Market St. in Wichita.  We will meet at the campaign office at 6:50 AM.  Click here for a map.  Team Pompeo will travel to Haysville at 7:00 AM and arrive for the 7:30 AM line up.

If you’d prefer to meet us in Haysville: We will be lining up at Haysville West Middle School, located at 1956 W. Grand Ave., at 7:30 AM.  You can park along side streets near the school.  Click here for a map.



Team Pompeo walked in the Maize Fall Festival Parade on October 11, 2014.



Eric Craft drives a 1931 Model A in the Maize Fall Festival Parade!



The Clayton brothers proudly carry the Pompeo banner.

Just look for Team Pompeo shirts and the Pompeo banners and signs at the parade.  Wear your T-shirt!  We will have extra T-shirts there if you need one.

Stock up on your Team Pompeo goodies!  We’ll bring everything you need, including Pompeo for Congress bumper stickers, wristbands, and buttons.  Be sure to take everything you want home for yourself and to share with your friends, family, and coworkers!

We hope that you will join us at the Haysville Fall Festival Parade on Saturday.  Please contact me at the number below if you have any questions.  You are always welcome to call the campaign office at (316) 633-4700 or stop by and visit us at 416 S. Market in Wichita. (Click the address to view a map.)

We’ll see you Saturday!


Amy Rider
Deputy Campaign Manager
(316) 210-8587
Pompeo for Congress


Walk in our next parade…

October 25 – Arkalalah – 2 PM

And join us for a sign wave!

October 22: Aviation Waves – Spirit, Cessna, and Beech

October 28: Rush Hour Waves from 4:30 – 5:30 PM at Kellogg and Webb, 21st and Tyler, Central and Rock 

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