PompeoForCongress.com http://www.pompeoforcongress.com Mon, 01 Sep 2014 01:57:47 EST National Review: Welcome Back to Wartime With President Obama Thu, 21 Aug 2014 12:00:00 EST Read full article.

By Jim Geraghty

“I don’t know why he used the word ‘justice.’ It’s not appropriate here. This is an attack on our country, we have to react to it,” an upset Chris Matthews reacted to a video excerpt of President Obama’s statement today about the beheading by an ISIS member of American freelance journalist James Foley. 

“This is our country versus this group that’s declared war on us. What’s justice mean in this con– I don’t know why the word’s used, like we’re going to go to the World Court with this?!” Matthews sneered to guest Howard Fineman of the Huffington Post Media Group on the August 20 edition of Hardball. Later in the segment, an irate Matthews insisted “no American president can survive if he lets Americans be beheaded on international television with impunity. Impunity! He has to strike back, as an American, it’s in our soul!”

I could quote Mollie Hemingway just about every day, but her thoughts on our response to the Foley outrage are particularly good. I suspect she’s way more skeptical and disinclined towards foreign military actions than I am, but her “have we thought this through” points are always worth examining. And here she perfectly isolates that section of Obama’s soaring optimistic rhetoric that sets off the BS detector deep within our brain stem:

That’s why they say 3) unbelievably inane things such as, “you’re on the wrong side of history.” Or “The future is always won by those who build, not destroy.” That is literally Mickey Mouse philosophy. And I don’t mean that in a good way.

President Obama’s utopian fantasy of “the future” “always” being “won by those who build, not destroy” is just obviously and resoundingly false, for better or worse. I mean, define “future.” And define “winning” and “building vs. destroying.” Tamerlane had tremendous success destroying and slaughtering his enemies — for most of a century. And World War II didn’t end by building up Nagasaki. There are good winners and bad winners littered throughout history.

What’s more, this “wrong side of history” nonsense is nothing more than a religious belief in supernatural causality. It implies that history isn’t shaped by men but, instead, by outside inevitable forces that can always be counted on. If this were so, we wouldn’t need to work so hard to raise up good children and fight the evils all around us.

Obama’s had this tic for a long time, and what’s fascinating is that he clings to it – bitterly? – even after five and a half years of being president. David Brooks, back in 2008:

Obama speeches almost always have the same narrative arc. Some problem threatens. The odds are against the forces of righteousness. But then people of good faith unite and walls come tumbling down. Obama used the word “walls” 16 times in the Berlin speech, and in 11 of those cases, he was talking about walls coming down.

The Berlin blockade was thwarted because people came together. Apartheid ended because people came together and walls tumbled. Winning the cold war was the same: “People of the world,” Obama declared, “look at Berlin, where a wall came down, a continent came together and history proved there is no challenge too great for a world that stands as one.”

Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kansas, a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, West Point graduate and former Army cavalry officer, is…. somewhat less than inspired by the president’s response so far:

“The President is correct that terrorist groups like ISIS don’t belong in the 21st Century and that we must be relentless to see that justice is done. But there is another, even greater reason the United States must take action: To prevent more Americans from being killed. The President is wrong to continue to downplay this threat by saying that ISIS is claiming to be at war with America merely out of expediency, or that ISIS is motivated by sheer ‘nihilism.’ This is not a “J.V. team,” as the President has put it. ISIS is an army of cold-blooded killers motivated by radical Islam. They continue their march, uninterrupted, to convert by the sword, kill Christians and other religious minorities, and expand their control of the Middle East. The Iraqis have already demonstrated that they cannot stop them on their own. The President’s current path of action has been far too limited to make a difference. We must do what is necessary to eliminate ISIS, protect the innocent, and keep Americans safe.”
The Hill: GOP rep to Obama: ISIS is no ‘J.V. team’ Thu, 21 Aug 2014 12:00:00 EST Read full article.

By Ramsey Cox

Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) called on President Obama to stop downplaying the threat presented by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“The president is wrong to continue to downplay this threat by saying that ISIS is claiming to be at war with America merely out of expediency, or that ISIS is motivated by sheer ‘nihilism,’” Pompeo said on Wednesday. “This is not a ‘J.V. team,’ as the president has put it. ISIS is an army of cold-blooded killers motivated by radical Islam.”

Pompeo’s remarks came after Obama spoke about the beheading of American journalist James Foley by the Islamic militants that have taken control of land in Syria and Iraq.

The administration has sent hundreds of military advisers and launched airstrikes in Iraq in an effort to push back advances made by ISIS.

Pompeo called on Obama to do more since the group continues to kill religious minorities in the region.

“The president’s current path of action has been far too limited to make a difference,” Pompeo said. “We must do what is necessary to eliminate ISIS, protect the innocent, and keep Americans safe.”

Pompeo serves on the House Intelligence Committee.]]>
KSN: Oil and gas leaders talk regulation Mon, 18 Aug 2014 12:00:00 EST Read full article.
WICHITA, Kansas – What’s the future of Kansas Oil and Gas? Lawmakers say it all depends on regulation.

“Don’t forget with the Lesser Prairie Chicken, that is the first of many species to come,” says Kansas Republican Tim Huelskamp, a U.S. Congressman from the 1st District.

Huelskamp claims Kansas jobs are endangered by endangered or threatened species. And, while he claims government regulations are costing jobs, he also says there has to be more discussion between all lawmakers on the future of regulatory affairs.

“This is ongoing, and it has to be,” says Huelskamp.

Huelskamp was one of nearly the entire Kansas Congressional District, plus Senator Pat Roberts, speaking to a packed house at the Kansas Independent Oil & Gas Association (KIOGA) meeting on Monday.

The Lesser Prairie Chicken was brought up by producers.The bird’s habitat can’t be disturbed at certain times of the year, and some oil and gas producers say that is costing them money.

“We had to move an oil drilling rig out of Western Kansas, and move it to an area of Butler County because of the (Lesser Prairie) Chicken,” says one producer.

Lawmakers pointed to several environmental regulation issues as one reason the Kansas Oil and Gas industry is not experiencing more growth.

KSN asked lawmakers about keeping the environment clean.

“Of course we have to do that,” says U.S. Congressman Mike Pompeo of the 4th District. “But we also have to have common sense.”

Pompeo joined Senator Pat Roberts in calling for less in the way of new federal regulations.

“We have to keep asking about environmental issues. But, we also have to question new regulations,” said Roberts. “What does that do to the industry involved? How many jobs are involved? What is the catalyst involved? What is the impact of this upon our states and our country?”

Oil and Gas producer Scott Hampel of McCoy Petroleum in Wichita, says he understands oil and gas regulations have to be carefully considered . After all, he says, oil is a high risk, high reward business.

“It takes a big investment to drill an oil and gas well. It’s kind of like Vegas,” said Hampel. “If you drill a dry hole, your money is gone. It’s not like a poor stock choice where you lose a little bit but save some of your principle. But, you have to be reasonably successful to stay in the game.”

And to be successful, Hampel says, the government needs to strike a balance between regulations, the environment and the Oil and Gas industry.

KIOGA President Edward Cross says, state regulations may be helpful in finding the right mix.

“We think the state regulatory process is one that has been around for many decades and that’s the best place for regulatory actions,” says Cross.

However, Cross says, the industry recognizes that federal regulation will certainly continue, and more is likely on the way. So, KIOGA stays active.

“We try to educate policy makers both Republican and Democrats about the impact of the oil and gas industry,” says Cross. “And some of the policies that would help us become more energy independent in this nation and also help our economic growth.”
Friends of the Fraternal Order of Police PAC endorse Rep. Pompeo for re-election Mon, 18 Aug 2014 12:00:00 EST  ]]> http://www.PompeoForCongress.com/media/?subsec=7&id=614 The Hill: House Republicans: End ‘harmful’ wind tax credit Thu, 14 Aug 2014 12:00:00 EST Read full article.

By Ramsey Cox

Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) called on House GOP leadership to end the Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC). Pompeo and 54 other House members wrote to Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and House Majority Leader-Elect Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) on Wednesday calling on them to let the “crony” tax subsidy for energy companies to expire.

“We offer our full support of the current process undertaken by the House Committee on Ways and Means that will allow the most anti-competitive and economically harmful tax provisions, specifically the wind energy production tax credit (PTC), to expire,” the letter stated. “Ensuring that our nation’s patchwork tax code undergoes significant reform is a noble goal and, as part of this process, we believe Congress should stop picking winners and losers and finally end the wind PTC.”

The lawmakers argued that the PTC costs taxpayers too much while inflating energy costs.

“Extending the wind PTC is a key priority for the Obama administration and its efforts to prop up wind and other favored ‘green energy’ technologies,” the Republicans wrote. “Proponents of the wind PTC continue to call for an extension despite growing evidence that this subsidy has not only cost taxpayers billions, but has caused significant price distortions in wholesale electricity markets.”

The Senate tax extender bill included an extension of the PTC, but House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-Mich.) has been passing tax reform in a piecemeal fashion — extending one tax credit at a time and deciding to let others simply expire.

“By ending this program now we will have given the wind industry a more than generous phase-out for a credit that is being awarded to a mature technology,” the letter stated. “We applaud Chairman Camp’s leadership on this important issu

The Hill: House Republicans: End ‘harmful’ wind tax credit Thu, 14 Aug 2014 12:00:00 EST Read full article.

by Ramsey Cox

Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) called on House GOP leadership to end the Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC).

Pompeo and 54 other House members wrote to Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) on Wednesday calling on them to let the “crony” tax subsidy for energy companies to expire.

“We offer our full support of the current process undertaken by the House Committee on Ways and Means that will allow the most anti-competitive and economically harmful tax provisions, specifically the wind energy production tax credit (PTC), to expire,” the letter stated. “Ensuring that our nation’s patchwork tax code undergoes significant reform is a noble goal and, as part of this process, we believe Congress should stop picking winners and losers and finally end the wind PTC.”

The lawmakers argued that the PTC costs taxpayers too much while inflating energy costs.

“Extending the wind PTC is a key priority for the Obama administration and its efforts to prop up wind and other favored ‘green energy’ technologies,” the Republicans wrote. “Proponents of the wind PTC continue to call for an extension despite growing evidence that this subsidy has not only cost taxpayers billions, but has caused significant price distortions in wholesale electricity markets.”

The Senate tax extender bill included an extension of the PTC, but House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-Mich.) has been passing tax reform in a piecemeal fashion — extending one tax credit at a time and deciding to let others simply expire.

“By ending this program now we will have given the wind industry a more than generous phase-out for a credit that is being awarded to a mature technology,” the letter stated. “We applaud Chairman Camp’s leadership on this important issue and urge you to stand firm with him in opposition to extending this provision and allow the wind energy to compete on its own.”

2014 TV Messages Thu, 14 Aug 2014 12:00:00 EST


Mike Pompeo: Proven Leader

Watch this KWCH fact check of our commercial, "Mike Fights for Kansas Aviation."

Susan's Boots

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Good Kansas Jobs

Mike Pompeo Fights for Kansas Aviation


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Wichita Eagle: Kansas exporters, suppliers to Congress: Reauthorize the Export-Import Bank Wed, 13 Aug 2014 12:00:00 EST Read full article.

by Molly McMillin

Clearwater Engineering, a small aviation supplier near Wichita, is keeping a close eye on a key decision in Washington — whether Congress will reauthorize the Export-Import Bank next month.

The Depression-era program helps companies that depend on exports by guaranteeing loans and providing credit insurance to overseas buyers of American products.

The agency’s charter is set to expire Sept. 30 unless Congress approves reauthorization. The bank is facing stiff opposition from some Republicans in the House and Senate, urged on by conservative groups who want it eliminated.

Supporters include area Boeing suppliers such as Spirit AeroSystems and Clearwater Engineering, who, along with other local exporters, are contacting members of the Kansas delegation to urge passage of legislation that would let the bank continue to operate.

Boeing work makes up 65 percent of Clearwater Engineering’s business, said Mike Hakonsson, Clearwater Engineering’s director of contracts and marketing.

With Boeing’s record orders and rising production rates, the company has aggressive growth plans.

In October, it’s moving to Derby, doubling its space and adding to its staff of 27.

“Boeing’s business is very important to us,” Hakonsson said.

Without the Ex-Im Bank, U.S. companies are at a disadvantage when they compete with countries that boost sales through their own versions of the Ex-Im Bank, Hakonsson said.

“When Boeing creates a sales forecast and they start growing, so do their suppliers,” he said. When exports decline, so will suppliers’ business.

It’s not only a Boeing issue, however.

Last year, the bank approved 3,842 requests for assistance with U.S. companies valued at $37.4 billion, according to its annual report.

Nearly 90 percent of its transactions were to small businesses.

Dozens of Kansas companies — general aviation planemakers, agricultural equipment suppliers, crop producers, oil and gas extractors and a variety of manufacturers — turn to the Export-Import Bank for help securing overseas sales.

Last year, 32 Kansas exporters used its services to support $493 million in exports. Half were small businesses.

For the seven years from 2007 to 2014, the bank assisted 62 Kansas exporters, including 38 small businesses, in support of $1 billion in exports.

The top export destinations for Kansas exporters using the Ex-Im Bank were South Africa, India and Mexico.

Supporters, which include a broad range of business and trade groups, say the bank’s demise will jeopardize billions of dollars in sales of goods in a variety of sectors.

They argue that the Ex-Im Bank levels the playing field for American companies vying for foreign business.

Opponents call it a subsidy, crony capitalism and corporate welfare.

What Ex-Im does

The bank’s credit insurance provides payment coverage for commercial risks, such as buyer default, and political risks, such as war. It allows exporters to sell on “open account” terms, instead of requiring cash-in-advance or letters of credit, the bank says. Businesses won’t forego sales because they can’t match credit terms offered by global competitors, the bank said.

It also helps U.S. companies get loans to fill export orders with a guaranteed line of credit that can be used to buy finished products, raw materials, supplies, labor or overhead. And it extends financing to foreign buyers of U.S. goods and services.

Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, voted against reauthorization in 2012. Pompeo has not yet decided how he will vote next month, his office said. Republican Sens. Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts voted in favor of the bank in 2012.

The bank is important to many Kansas employers and is responsible for job growth in Kansas, Roberts said in a statement. But he said the program needs to be reformed.

“We shouldn't reauthorize simply because it is the easiest path forward,” Roberts said. “Rather, we must take into consideration the risk to every taxpayer and craft a more free enterprise system that benefits all our small, medium, and large businesses making products in America. My vote will largely depend on what reforms are added and whether it alleviates my skepticism about the bank's current functionality."

Pompeo agreed that the nation’s and Kansas’ economy depends on its ability to trade freely and fairly.

“When our companies and workers have the ability to compete on the world stage, they will grow and thrive,” Pompeo said. “While the Ex-Im Bank has historically played a role our export economy, Congress must reevaluate how to best promote exports without placing taxpayer dollars at risk. I look forward to working with my colleagues to find the conservative, common-sense solutions both our workers and taxpayers deserve.”

Supporters say the bank levels the playing field. Most countries that rely or want to promote exports have similar programs – or programs with the same aims. More than 60 countries, including China, Russia and France, have their own export credit agencies, and those agencies will step in to support their countries’ businesses if the Ex-Im Bank closes, they say.

“There are countries that provide ... subsidies to our competition,” said Gary Plummer, president and CEO of the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce. “The Ex-Im Bank is one tool that can be used to try to level that playing field.”

Plummer went to Washington D.C. in the spring to meet with members of the Kansas delegation. Conversations are ongoing, he said.

“It should pass because it doesn’t cost (taxpayers) anything,” Plummer said. “It should be a no-brainer. But it may get wrapped up in other politically charged issues that keep the Democrats and Republicans from finding common ground.”

That’s probably its biggest threat, Plummer said.

Karyn Page, president and CEO of Kansas Global Trade Services, said the Ex-Im Bank provides a service when traditional lending institutions won’t.

Bankers are concerned about risk, she said, and transactions across borders can carry geopolitical factors over which they have no control.

The Ex-Im Bank isn’t part of all export transactions.

“But I think that we should have good tools in our toolbox available for our companies who want and need to export,” Page said.

Of all the issues to oppose, she said, “the one that puts money back in the Treasury, shouldn’t be the one.”

Without the help when it’s needed, “foreign buyers will just choose someone else,” Page said. “If Ex-Im is not reauthorized, it will be painful.”

Spirit AeroSystems agrees.

Hundreds of Boeing suppliers depend heavily on international sales of Boeing commercial aircraft.

“Every airplane that Boeing sells equates to another airplane that we get the opportunity to build at Spirit, so there’s a direct impact to the workforce and jobs, both at our company and in our supply base,” Debbie Gann, Spirit AeroSystems vice president of communications and corporate administration, said in an e-mailed statement.

It’s too soon to say when the industry would start to feel the impact if the bank is eliminated, Gann said.

“But there is no doubt there would be harmful consequences if we are unable to maintain a level playing field for American exporters,” she said.

Heritage Action for America, a conservative Washington, D.C., group that supports limited government, sees it differently.

It opposes the bank, calling it corporate welfare for big business.

“We're up against a massive, well-funded lobbying effort from big business and elites in Washington that don't want to let go of their taxpayer-funded subsidies,” the group said in an e-mailed statement. “But we're confident that the bank will expire in September if Congressmen listen to their constituents.”

In a free-market system, businesses should compete based on the quality of their products and services, it said.

The bank’s contribution to U.S. exports is negligible, the group said. Ninety-eight percent of the nation’s exports aren’t backed by the bank.

Textron’s stance

Cessna Aircraft and Beechcraft Corp., part of Textron Aviation, has turned to the Ex-Im Bank for assistance in some cases.

In 2013, Cessna received $36.9 million in disbursements to support $46.7 million in export sales, according to the bank.

Beechcraft received disbursements of $7.8 million to support $13.4 million in sales last year.

The Ex-Im Bank was especially crucial during the 2008 to 2010 time frame when commercial credit was tight, said Michael Thacker, Textron Aviation senior vice president of engineering.

It was critical to complete some of Cessna and Beechcraft’s export sales, Thacker said.

“In many cases, there weren’t other credit facilities available,” Thacker said. “The credit market has improved a little bit for us. But the Ex-Im Bank is there when commercial credit is not for one reason or another.”

The planemaker used the bank in only in a handful of deals, but those sales wouldn’t have happened without its support, Thacker said.

The aviation industry has been hard hit by the economy, and each sale is important, he said.

The bank is a vital tool for competing in a global market, and reauthorization is critical, Thacker said.

“The U.S. is not the only government that has export credit facilities available,” Thacker said. “When you’re competing on the global stage, you need to make sure you have financing available to those end customers.”

Beyond aviation

Great Plains Manufacturing in Salina builds agriculture implements. More than 1,500 of its 1,700 employees are in the Salina area.

And more than 10 percent of its sales are to overseas customers.

A recent international dealers meeting drew 104 attendees from 22 countries. About two-thirds of them didn’t speak English. They used translators to communicate.

“We have a very strong export business,” said James McNair, the company’s international controller.

The availability of the Ex-Im Bank increases Great Plains’ willingness and ability to export, McNair said.

Without it, “we probably would not chase certain export markets,” he said. “That could hurt our employment opportunities here.”

It uses the Ex-Im Bank at times to guarantee payments for overseas shipments, McNair said.

“We use various methods to ensure the collectibality of those accounts,” he said. “Ex-Im financing is one method.”

Other options are available, but they aren’t always the best option.

When the company sells to U.S. customers, it relies on the nation’s legal system to collect its payment, if necessary.

With exports, it sometimes uses the Ex-Im Bank to guarantee payments.

That way it doesn’t have to be an expert in every country’s legal system, McNair said.

For example, when it sells into Australia, customers want 120 days to pay, because of the time it takes to ship and assemble the products.

In the meantime “we’re out our cash,” McNair said. “We’ll cover our risk by Ex-Im’s insurance.”

If the customer doesn’t pay, then the Ex-Im bank will go through Australia’s legal system to secure payment.

“We haven’t had to file a claim,” he said.

Within the next five years, Great Plains plans to grow its international business to more than a third of its sales.

“There’s a lot of countries that really need our technology to increase their yields,” McNair said.

Retention of the Ex-Im Bank will help it meet its goals.

“I don’t pretend to be a politician,” McNair said. But “this has been a tool that Americans have had to help develop their markets for over 80 years. ... It seems like it’s a worthwhile endeavor. It’s about American jobs.”

Reach Molly McMillin at 316-269-6708 or mmcmillin@wichitaeagle.com. Follow her on Twitter: @mmcmillin.


According to a website maintained by the Export-Import bank, the following Kansas companies used the bank in 2013-2014. The site can be found at http://www.exim.gov/customcf/congressionalmap/state_map.cfm?state=KS.

A-1 Plank & Scaffold Manufacturing, Hays

Air Fixture, Kansas City

American Crane and Tractor Parts, Kansas City

API Foils, Lawrence

Archer-Daniels-Midland Collingwood Grain, Overland Park

Beechcraft Corp., Wichita

Black & Veatch, Overland Park

Bradbury Co., Moundridge

Cessna Aircraft, Wichita

Cinema Scene Marketing & Promotions, Overland Park

CST Industries, Lenexa

Engineered Systems & Equipment, Caney

F.T.I., Lawrence

Great Plains Manufacturing, Salina

Harlan Global Manufacturing, Kansas City

Hix Corp., Pittsburg

ICM, Colwich

Invena Corp., Eureka

Knit-rite, Kansas City

Lansing Trade Group, Overland Park

Mega Manufacturing, Hutchinson

Nazdar Co., Shawnee

Pace Products International, Bucyrus

Premier Pneumatics, Salina

Robbie Manufacturing, Lenexa

SOR Inc., Shawnee Mission

SPX Cooling Technologies, Overland Park

United Industries, Sterling

Vektek, Emporia

Source: Export-Import Bank

PARADE: Join Mike and Team Pompeo for Old Settlers Days in Mulvane! Wed, 13 Aug 2014 12:00:00 EST Join Mike and Susan to celebrate our primary victory--and begin working toward a second 2014 election victory--with our first parade of the general campaign (and one of our favorites)!  Come walk with us in Mulvane this Saturday, August 16th, for the historic 2014 Mulvane Old Settlers Days.  Stick around afterward for a talent showcase, an evening rodeo, a street dance, and a carnival, too!  It's the perfect way to spend the day with the whole family.  And don't forget to wear your comfortable parade shoes!  We'll provide plenty of water bottles for our parade walkers, as well. For a complete list of activities at Old Settlers Days, click here.

The first organized Old Settlers Picnic was held in 1884. The annual parade started in 1915, and the Old Settlers Days festivities have been going strong ever since.  A covered wagon and oxen are an important part of the parade each year.  Come experience this unique piece of South Central Kansas history on Saturday!

Saturday, August 16

Mulvane Old Settlers Days Parade
Line up begins at 10 AM, Parade at 11 AM 
If you want to travel with the Team:  Team Pompeo is leaving from the campaign office at 416 S. Market St. in Wichita. We will meet at the campaign office at 9:20 AM. Click here for a map. Team Pompeo will travel to Mulvane at 9:30 AM and arrive for 10 AM line up.
If you'd prefer to meet us in Mulvane: We will be lining up on 1st St., just north of Main St., in Mulvane at 10 AM. Click here for a map.
There is no designated parking lot for parade attendees, so feel free to park anywhere off the parade route.
Bring your friends, family, and the kids to one or both of these events! 

Come walk with your Team Pompeo friends!

Team Pompeo at a 2014 Fourth of July parade

At the parade, look for Team Pompeo shirts and the Pompeo banners and signs. 

Wear your T-shirt! We will have extra T-shirts there if you need one.

And don't forget! Team Pompeo will bring plenty of goodies to the parade, including Pompeo for Congress bumper stickers, wrist bands, and buttons. Be sure to take everything you want home for yourself and to share with your friends, family, and coworkers!

Lastly, you'll want to know this important info about yard signs and 4x8s:

  • Pompeo yard signs may be temporarily removed and will go back out starting September 20, 2014.

  • Pompeo for Congress 4x8 signs are to stay up through Election Day: November 4, 2014.

We hope that you will join us at the Old Settlers Days!  Please contact me at the number below if you have any questions. You are always welcome to call the campaign office at (316) 633-4700 or stop by and visit us at 416 S. Market in Wichita. (click the address to view a map)

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!


Amy Rider
Field and Events Operations Leader
(316) 210-8587
Pompeo for Congress

In case you missed it...

YouTube: Mike Pompeo's victory speech at Election Night Watch Party

Wichita Eagle: Pompeo claims victory over Tiahrt in 4th District race

WSJ: Kansas's Earmark Shuckers

WSJ: A Crony Capitalism Showdown

A Note from Mike: Thank you Fri, 08 Aug 2014 12:00:00 EST Friends,

We knew from the very beginning of the campaign that if we worked hard and told the truth, we would ultimately win this primary.  And win we did:

Pompeo: 63%            Tiahrt: 37%

It was a huge 25-point victory.  Listening to Kansans for three and a half years yielded a complete sweep -- we won every one of the 17 counties and each of the 15 biggest cities and towns in the 4th Congressional District.  We received more votes than any other congressional candidate in the entire state of Kansas.

This race, however, was about more than just South Central Kansas.  It was being closely watched all across the country.  You can read about how this race is setting the tone for the national elections in November by clicking on these articles from The HillThe Washington ExaminerNational Review,Roll CallThe Washington TimesThe Weekly Standard, and these two articles from The Wall Street Journal (click here and here).  I promised Kansans that I would work tirelessly to shrink the size of the federal government, that I would help farmers and ranchers by pushing back against an out-of-control EPA, and that I would help our aviation and oil and gas industries by reducing their federal burden.  All of this is to ensure that jobs are plentiful in Kansas.  Kansans supported that message. 

This victory would not have been possible without your support.  Thank you for believing in this campaign and our message of getting Washington out of the way so Kansas can thrive.

Click the image above to watch my message for Kansans

Susan and I are blessed to be surrounded by supporters and volunteers like you.  I'm honored to have your support as we head into November's general election. 

We were also pleased to not only celebrate our victory on Tuesday night, but to give back to our community.  This idea is at the center of our message -- if the government will allow private citizens to organize as they see fit, Kansans will respond to help those most in need.

We asked our supporters to show up with a pair of flip-flops or other shoes to donate to Good Neighbor Ministries.  This week, Nancy Oldfather will deliver over 71 pairs that were brought to our campaign victory party as a generous gesture for those who need a bit of help.

Thank you to those of you who brought shoes for charity!

Three more months of hard work and we will be able to take Kansas values back to Washington.  Our Democrat opponent believes deeply in big government; we are confident that Kansans already know that will not work.

Thank you again, and may God bless each and every one of you.

Mike Pompeo

WSJ: Kansas's Earmark Shuckers Thu, 07 Aug 2014 12:00:00 EST A pair of Congressmen fight off the crony capitalist lobbies. Read full article.

The big underreported story of Tuesday's GOP primaries is how two Kansas spending reformers brushed back challenges from corporate rent-seekers. Their victories ought to give Republicans in Congress the confidence to buck crony capitalists.

In the first Congressional district that spans western and central Kansas, second-term Rep. Tim Huelskamp fended off farmer Alan LaPolice, who was backed by the farm and biofuel lobbies. Mr. Huelskamp was a target because he dared to support a bill to eliminate the renewable fuel standard (i.e., the mandate to produce ethanol). He also voted against this year's farm bill because of its de minimis food-stamp reforms.

That brought the wrath of Kansas Farm Bureau President Steve Baccus, who complained that the Congressman "shows a lack of understanding of commodity markets, value-added agriculture, and what it means to be a Congressional Representative to his constituents." The Kansas Corn Growers Association, the Kansas Association of Ethanol Processors and the Kansas Grain Sorghum Producers Association also rebuked the reformer for "lack of understanding" of their subsidy needs.

Ethanol producer Tom Willis chimed in that the industry has been the "best success story for rural America" in the last 20 years and that the Congressman was "willing to put all that at risk for his ideology." The real success stories are rising farm productivity and exports for crops that don't include ethanol.

Mr. Huelskamp fought back by explaining that he didn't "think Washington should be picking winners and losers" and that "industry should be able to compete in the marketplace." His district's Republican voters largely agreed, and he won by 10 points.

As significant was fellow second-term Rep. Mike Pompeo's 25-point rout of his pork-barrel predecessor Todd Tiahrt, who had preceded Mr. Pompeo as the Congressman from Kansas's fourth district from 1995 to 2011. Mr. Tiahrt ran for Congress as a Newt Gingrich revolutionary but soon turned into a Tom DeLay pork-barreler, and he flogged Mr. Pompeo for not doing the same.

Mr. Pompeo introduced a bill to eliminate energy subsidies in toto and has annually led the charge to unwind the wind energy tax credit. The wind lobby spent a bundle to beat him. He also voted against this year's farm bill because "it reflects a step backwards to the old Washington of pet projects, reckless spending and harmful regulation."

Congratulations to Kansas voters for rewarding principle, and we hope Republicans across the country take the message.

Newton Kansan: Pompeo wins primary, vows to fight big government Wed, 06 Aug 2014 12:00:00 EST Read full article.

by Jeff Guy

WICHITA - Joined by his wife, Susan, and other family members, a triumphant Mike Pompeo took the stage before a cheering crowd Tuesday night at Wichita's Candle Club. It was around 9 p.m. and polls were showing Pompeo defeated Todd Tiahrt in the Republican primary for fourth district representative from Kansas.

"We don't have the final numbers yet," Pompeo told the crowd. "There is a little ways to go, but we won." There was applause, and he added, "When I say we won, I mean that in the broadest possible sense. Kansans won tonight.

In Harvey County, Pompeo won 62.36 percent of the vote with 2,927 votes. Tiahrt recived 37.64 percent of the vote with 1,767 votes.

During his victory speech, the incumbent congressman talked several times in his speech about "bringing Kansas values to Washington."  Pompeo vowed to work "every single moment" in Washington, fighting big government.

"We believed if you told Kansans the truth, they'd support it and we believed if you told Kansans a twisted tale, they wouldn't support it," Pompeo said. "We thought all along people wanted to hear a positive message about what the next generation will look like. We told that story and Kansans have supported it tonight."

The primary race between Pompeo and Tiahrt, the man who preceded Pompeo in holding the fourth district seat, was being watched all across the country, Pompeo said.

Pompeo talked about a vision of limited government, freedom and individual responsibility and and keeping money local and not taking it to Washington.

"We're putting forth a vision for how to make Kansas and America better," Pompeo said. "We'll tell that story. We'll repeat that message and I'm confident that in 13 weeks, we'll have another celebration.

Pompeo will now face Democratic challenger Perry Schuckman in the race for the fourth district congressional seat.

Brant Benninga, who grew up in Newton, was at Tuesday night's celebration. Benninga said he supports Pompeo because he is a "constitutional conservative who puts Kansas first."

"This was probably the bigger challenge and I expect to win in November."
KWCH: Pompeo wins 4th Congressional Republican primary Wed, 06 Aug 2014 12:00:00 EST Read full article.

WICHITA--4th Congressional District Incumbent Mike Pompeo has been in Congress three-and-a-half years, but Republican voters decided that is not long enough. They want to send him back to Washington.

Pompeo beat out challenger and former Congressman Todd Tiahrt. Tiahrt previously held the seat from 1995 to 2011. He left to run for U.S. Senate and was defeated by Jerry Moran.

As soon as Pompeo learned he won the primary Tuesday night, he joined a room full of family, friends, and supporters at the Candle Club in Wichita. "Kansans won tonight," said Pompeo.

When Pompeo took the stage, with family by his side, he thanked supporters who helped spread his message and voters who helped him win the Republican nomination. "I promise you the next two years, when we win in November, I will continue to fight against big government every single moment I am entrusted with that power," said Pompeo.

As he mingled with the crowd, he reminded them of the promises he made in 2010 when he first ran for U.S. House. He says he plans to keep those promises if he wins the general election. "Folks all across Kansas saw that when you talk about limited government and freedom, voters will respond," said Pompeo.

Pompeo says he says he knows the race is not over yet, and he is looking forward to the next 13 weeks. Pompeo will face Democratic candidate Perry Shuckman in November.

The Hill: Pompeo dashes Tiahrt comeback hopes Tue, 05 Aug 2014 12:00:00 EST Read full article. 

by Alexandra Jaffe

Former Rep. Todd Tiahrt’s (Kan.) unusual comeback bid fell short Tuesday night as Rep. Mike Pompeo easily won their GOP primary battle. 

Pompeo took 62 percent of the vote to Tiahrt’s 18 percent when The Associated Press called the race, with 39 precincts reporting.

Tiahrt’s quixotic challenge to Pompeo
 came as a surprise for many reasons. He had previously endorsed the incumbent twice, and was running to his left in the primary, criticizing Pompeo for introducing a measure to give state governments control over labeling genetically modified food — a position that puts him in line with many liberals in the House and Senate.

He’s also pushed for more transparency in campaign finance regulations despite defending his own use of earmarks.

But Tiahrt wasn’t known as a liberal during his time in the House, and so it came as somewhat of a surprise that a handful of conservative groups that once gave him near-perfect scores on their scorecards came out opposed to his bid. 

Americans for Prosperity has spent more than $409,000 on radio and television ads attacking Tiahrt, and the American Chemistry Council invested another $165,000 opposing his comeback bid.

Tiahrt got support from a super-PAC backed by oil magnate Wink Hartman, to the tune of about $220,000. But he’s been heavily outspent and had just $65,000 cash on hand as of July 16, to Pompeo’s $1.6 million.]]>
KSN: Pompeo and Tiahrt cast votes in primary Tue, 05 Aug 2014 12:00:00 EST Watch video here]

WICHITA, Kansas – Incumbent Mike Pompeo is being challenged by former U.S. Rep. Todd Tiahrt in the state’s 4th Congressional District.

The two cast votes in Tuesday’s primary at separate polling locations in Sedgwick County.

Mike Pompeo and his wife Susan cast their votes at Edgemoor Recreation Center.

Todd Tiahrt and his wife Vicki voted at the Church of the Holy Spirit in Goddard.

Both candidates say the campaign has been exciting.

“We have talked to tens of thousands of people. We’ve been making phone calls and been across the 4th district, 17 counties and talking to folks for the last six months, telling them about why it is I want to go to Washington and what is I hope to accomplish if they send me back for two more years,” said U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo.

“We were able to get our message out. We had about 20 ads running against us for every one we were able to put up. We used the social media. We got out and took the campaign to the people. It was a different type of campaign. Not very much money, but we did reach voters with a good clear message that Washington isn’t listening,” said former U.S. Rep. Todd Tiahrt.

Both candidate will attend watch parties tonight.

Tiahrt’s party will gather at Villa Luna on 8406 West Central in Wichita.

Pompeo’s party will gather at the Candle Club located at 6135 East 13th Street.

Get Out and Vote Tue, 05 Aug 2014 12:00:00 EST

Today is the big day.  We’ve worked long and hard to get to this point and now it’s down to you:  Get out and vote.

But don’t just stop there.  Ask your friends if they plan on voting and whether they need a ride.  Get 10 of your friends to show up at your precinct, and make your voice heard.

Susan and I have been so blessed to have friends and supporters like you in this race.  Working with you all to achieve our goal has been one of the very best parts of this campaign.  Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Let’s do this.

Mike Pompeo

PS. As a reminder of what this election is about, please read this column by conservative columnist Kim Strassel about the race:

A Crony Capitalism Showdown

A congressional primary in Kansas' Fourth District will signal the direction of the GOP.

By Kimberley A. Strassel

GOP voters overhauled their party in 2010, sending to the House a new generation of Republicans committed to smaller government, freer markets and less corporate welfare. We're about to find out if those voters really meant it.

A big decision comes Tuesday in the Kansas GOP primary. The Sunflower State is in the throes of political upheaval, with most of the attention on the fortunes of Gov. Sam Brownback and Sen. Pat Roberts. But the race that may say far more about the direction of the GOP is taking place in Wichita, the state's Fourth District, in the standoff between Rep. Mike Pompeo and challenger Todd Tiahrt.

The 50-year-old Mr. Pompeo—an Army veteran, Harvard Law grad and businessman—was elected in the 2010 tea party surge, with a particular focus on liberating private enterprise. He's made a name for himself as a leader in the fight to end corporate welfare and pork, and to cut back on strangling regulations.

He ran against earmarks in his 2010 campaign and then pushed for the GOP's earmark ban. He's annually led a charge to power down the federal wind subsidy, and he's the author of a bill to eliminate all energy rent-seeking. "Companies should have customers, not political patrons," he likes to quip. He opposes the renewable fuel standard, and he voted in February against Congress's farm bill—which was a return to government subsidies and more food stamps.

He's also been a critic of the Commerce Department's Economic Development Administration, a Great Society-era slush fund that shovels grants to politically connected communities. (See its 2008 grant for the Harry Reid Research and Technology Park in Las Vegas.) Mr. Pompeo calls it the Earmark Distribution Agency. As recently as May he got a vote on an amendment to eliminate EDA's $250 million in funding, rightly noting that the agency uses taxpayer dollars to "pick winners and losers," and that such unprioritized porking has helped create a spending culture that built $17 trillion in debt. (The vote unfortunately failed.)

Such principles are precisely what conservative voters claim to demand from their representatives. Yet the antisubsidy line has hardly been an easy one, even in conservative Kansas—which collects its share of federal largess. And Mr. Tiahrt knows it. The longtime politician held the district for eight terms, until 2010, when he made an unsuccessful bid for the Senate. He endorsed Mr. Pompeo for Congress, twice, but now wants his old job back.

His opening has been Kansas' overall sluggish business climate, and more specifically Wichita's struggling aviation sector. While jobs have been steady in the Fourth District, a number of its mainstay aviation companies have closed or moved out—unnerving locals. Plenty of this happened when Mr. Tiahrt was in Congress, but he's now centering his campaign (announced, without subtlety, at the Kansas Aviation Museum) on the claim that Mr. Pompeo is robbing his district and corporate constituents of federal handouts, and thereby hurting local jobs.

He certainly knows this game. In his 13 years as an appropriator, Mr. Tiahrt never saw an earmark he didn't love—mule museums, aquariums, wine initiatives. He directed endless earmarks to companies; the Weekly Standard's Mark Hemingway notes, in "His last two years in office, [he] doled out $33 million in earmarks to aviation companies alone." Mr. Tiahrt is not defensive about this. He brags about pork that he sent to companies operating in his district ( Boeing, Beechcraft, Cessna), claiming he created local aviation jobs and rapping Mr. Pompeo for failing to join him at the trough.

Mr. Tiahrt similarly whacked the incumbent on the EDA, noting that the day before the Pompeo amendment vote, the agency had declared Wichita and south Kansas a "manufacturing community" eligible for a portion of $1.3 billion in federal funds. "Considering the size of the federal budget," Mr. Tiahrt complained in June, "it is odd that Mr. Pompeo would strike funding for a program so vital to Kansas' Fourth District." He's also in favor of wind subsidies, which has earned him financial backing from the American Wind Energy Association.

Mr. Pompeo's supporters note that their candidate—who once ran an aviation company—has focused on reducing government's role overall in the private sector, rather than benefiting one company over another. In 2013 he got both Houses of Congress to pass—and President Obama to sign—an aviation reform modernizing regulations and cutting costs for light-aircraft makers. It was a boon to that entire industry, but a particular bonus to South-Central Kansas, home to many such companies. That's a model Mr. Pompeo has sought to replicate with bills to reform pipeline permitting or to kill, equally, all energy subsidies (oil, gas and renewables).

The choice voters fundamentally face on Tuesday is whether they want a congressman who works to get government smaller for everyone and to end corporate welfare, or a congressman who grabs what he can of big government to funnel to his district, and embraces crony capitalism. The latter is a return to the unreformed GOP, a groove plenty of Republicans would happily slide back into—if only voters gave the nod. We'll see if Kansas conservatives do.

A Note From Susan: Put On Your Flip Flops and Let's Party! Mon, 04 Aug 2014 12:00:00 EST

I hope you will slip on your flip flops (or shoes of your choice!) and join everyone at the:


7:30pm, Doors Open

THE CANDLE CLUB, 6135 E. 13th  Street in WICHITA (in the Prairie Village Shopping Center)

Two entrances:  The Candle’s main (west facing) entrance and an east facing entrance, off the tent

Food and non-alcoholic drinks are complimentary.  Cash bars provided.  DJ will keep music spinning all night! Door side parking!

Photo Booth!  TVs Everywhere!  Luxury Tent to expand our capacity!

Special Kids Room with kids games, activities and prizes!

AND, bring a pair of adult or child’s (new, please) flip flops (or shoes of your choice) to donate and we’ll give you a special gift!

All shoes collected at our election night watch party will be donated to Good Neighbor Ministries, through the Sisters of St. Joseph.  The sisters, staff and volunteers work to transform the lives of the poor, abused and neglected and provide services and assistance to help people develop skills to become self-sufficient.

Mike and I are so grateful to every volunteer and supporter throughout the district who touched our campaign.  We received countless offers of help.  And, help you did.  In a very small way on the evening of August 5th, we have a chance to say “thank you.” We appreciate the brand new owners and management of The Candle Club permitting us to use the entire Club for our party and host us on this important night!

We look forward to seeing you on election day. Don’t forget to GET 10! 

And, in the words of Congressman Trey Gowdy, “We don’t just like Mike, we need Mike!”


Two Days Remain Sun, 03 Aug 2014 12:00:00 EST

We are now just 48 hours from Election Day here in Kansas.  Over the course of the campaign we’ve talked about the differences between Mr. Tiahrt and me, and my vision for how I will represent you.

It’s really very simple -- I believe in each of you and your ability to succeed so long as the federal government simply gets out of your way.  The Wall Street Journal says this race will set the direction for the country and the future of the GOP, calling Mr. Tiahrt a blatant big spender and “crony capitalist.”  FreedomWorks highlights how I’ve been consistent in fighting for Kansans.


We can’t let Kansas and America down.  So, I need you to do two more things to make sure that we are successful on Tuesday:

1. Vote

You’ve all seen polls showing me ahead.  Those polls don’t matter.  I need you to go to your polling place on Tuesday and say proudly, “I’m Voting for Mike” by marking your ballot that way.

2. Tell Everyone You Know Why You Are Voting For Me And Ask Them To Do The Same

I get asked all of the time, “Mike, how can I help?”  Here is the answer:  Get 10.  Or get 20 or 30 or more.  In these closing hours, a note from you to everyone you know -- your family, your friends from church, your workmates, or whoever -- just tell them:  “I know Mike, Mike is a good man, I hope you’ll vote for Mike too.”  This simple message means more than all of the commercials money can buy.  This is the single most important action you can take to get me across the finish line.

With just two more days to victory, I can’t tell you how much Susan and I appreciate all of the help so many of you have provided along the way.

Our team had a great showing this weekend during our Get Out The Vote Rally with Rep. Trey Gowdy, who reminded us all to get out and vote.  Listen to what he had to say by clicking the image below:

Let’s get our 10 and more.  Then, we can celebrate on August 5th.



Pompeo stops in Newton Fri, 01 Aug 2014 12:00:00 EST
With a week before the primary election, fourth District Congressman Mike Pompeo spoke Wednesday afternoon at the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame, located in Newton's outlet mall.

Pompeo talked about such things as the border crisis with children from Central America entering the United States, the attacks on the American consulate in Bengazi, Libya attacks and the difference between himself and Republican challenger Todd Tiahrt.

There were around 15 people in attendance for the address. Pompeo was apologetic about not being able to come to Newton on earlier occassions.
Pompeo said there were 356 pieces of legislation passed by the House that the Senate refused to consider.

"The president rails about a do nothing congress," Pompeo said. "We've been very busy. I think there's 10 bills the senate has passed that we didn't take up."

Regarding the border crisis, Pompeo said, "It is not a compassionate thing to encourage mothers to send their children 1,300 miles to a very uncertain fate in the United States. It's a conundrum. We're Americans. We don't desert 4 and 10-year-old kids."

Pompeo said he supported providing resources to governors who want to deploy the National Guard to secure the borders.

"It's the federal government's task to secure the borders," he said. "The state should not have to pay for that. We can't get our president to do it. If the federal government isn't prepard to do that, the least the government can do is provide money to do that."

Pompeo criticized Pres. Obama for giving the smallest amount of support to Israel of anypresident since the nation was created in 1948.
"Our president has not supported our ally and the foundation of the Judeo-Christian heritage upon which our country was founded," Pompeo said.
Pompeo also talked about Obamacare.

"I think it will ultimately go away," he said.

He talked about a recent visit to Augusta in which a physician told him there was so much paperwork under Obamacare that he now only has time to see 12 patients a day instead of 16.

"That ultimately is the undoing of this thing," he said. "There is nothing as powerful as a mom who can't get her little girl or little boy in to see a doctor. That will the thing that will drive the unwinding of this government centered health care system."

Pompeo is part of a select committe investigating the attacks on Benghazi.
"We have to be pristine in terms of not doing politics," he said. "To the extent that people think Mike Pompeo is trying to take down some political actor, nobody is going to report it. To the extent we're doing our work and just getting facts, we'll convince more people to cover it."

When an audience member asked about the differences between Pompeo and Tiahrt, Pompeo said he had previously voted for Tiahrt and that he respected how Tiahrt is pro-life and pro-gun.

The major difference between them, he said, is Tiahrt is an "appropriator" who likes to earmark money rather than having the president spend it. Pompeo said there is a "third option" - that the money should not go to Washington and should be kept local.

Pompeo answered a philosophical question from an audience member. He said if our families, schools and church can "reclaim those normative behaviors that our Judeo-Christian nation was founded on, we've got a shot. If not, we cannot run enough TV ads to fix it."

We regret that tonight’s Vote Kansas Rally with my friend and colleague Rep. Trey Gowdy and the Wounded Warrior Project has been postponed from tonight until tomorrow, Saturday.  As you have probably seen in the news, Trey and I had to remain in Washington, D.C., to vote for one day longer than was originally scheduled.
The new date and time is Saturday, Aug.  2, 2014 at 10:00 A.M.  Same place (Beech Lake) and same fun!
No changes to the other visits with Trey Gowdy are being made.  We are very excited to see you at all of these events, and hope that the change in schedule will only make it easier for you to bring your friends and your whole family to the event. 
The information below reflects the change.  We hope you can make it out to our event on Saturday!
Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS)            Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC)
Come join Rep. Trey Gowdy and Team Pompeo at these get out the voteevents:
Kansas Votes Rally with Reps. Pompeo & Gowdy
Special Recognition for Wounded Warrior Project
Saturday, August 2, 2014   10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Beech Lake, Intersection of 13th & Webb Road, Wichita
Enter from Webb Road -- entrance will be marked
Gates open at 10:00 AM and the program starts at 10:30 AM
Free Music, Food, Drinks & More!
Join me and other veterans as we salute those who have sacrificed to protect our right to vote.  Exercise that right on August 5th!
El Dorado Frontier Western Celebration Rally
with Mike Pompeo & Trey Gowdy
Saturday, August 2, 2014
Gordy Park Gazebo, Gordy & Ash Streets
8:00 AM-10:00 AM
Come join us for fun and the important work of getting out the vote.  If you have questions, please call us at 316-633-4700 or drop by the campaign office at 416 S. Market in Wichita.  Susan and I look forward to seeing you there!
In liberty and freedom,
In case you missed it...