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A Note from Mike: Thank you


We knew from the very beginning of the campaign that if we worked hard and told the truth, we would ultimately win this primary.  And win we did:

Pompeo: 63%            Tiahrt: 37%

It was a huge 25-point victory.  Listening to Kansans for three and a half years yielded a complete sweep -- we won every one of the 17 counties and each of the 15 biggest cities and towns in the 4th Congressional District.  We received more votes than any other congressional candidate in the entire state of Kansas.

This race, however, was about more than just South Central Kansas.  It was being closely watched all across the country.  You can read about how this race is setting the tone for the national elections in November by clicking on these articles from The Hill, The Washington Examiner, National Review,Roll Call, The Washington Times, The Weekly Standard, and these two articles from The Wall Street Journal (click here and here).  I promised Kansans that I would work tirelessly to shrink the size of the federal government, that I would help farmers and ranchers by pushing back against an out-of-control EPA, and that I would help our aviation and oil and gas industries by reducing their federal burden.  All of this is to ensure that jobs are plentiful in Kansas.  Kansans supported that message. 

This victory would not have been possible without your support.  Thank you for believing in this campaign and our message of getting Washington out of the way so Kansas can thrive.

Click the image above to watch my message for Kansans

Susan and I are blessed to be surrounded by supporters and volunteers like you.  I'm honored to have your support as we head into November's general election. 

We were also pleased to not only celebrate our victory on Tuesday night, but to give back to our community.  This idea is at the center of our message -- if the government will allow private citizens to organize as they see fit, Kansans will respond to help those most in need.

We asked our supporters to show up with a pair of flip-flops or other shoes to donate to Good Neighbor Ministries.  This week, Nancy Oldfather will deliver over 71 pairs that were brought to our campaign victory party as a generous gesture for those who need a bit of help.

Thank you to those of you who brought shoes for charity!

Three more months of hard work and we will be able to take Kansas values back to Washington.  Our Democrat opponent believes deeply in big government; we are confident that Kansans already know that will not work.

Thank you again, and may God bless each and every one of you.

Mike Pompeo