CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS: We're in the midst of campaign season! It's time to join Team Pompeo on the campaign trail!  We're already walking in parades, going door to door, making phone calls & distributing yards signs. We need your help to keep the momentum going strong!

First up--it's campaign phone bank season! Time for ringing bells, dialing phones, winning prizes, and getting votes for Mike! Our volunteer callers from last year love our new phone system this year and say it's "easier than ever."  Our phone bank this year is designed to tell folks across the district a little about Mike, get votes for Mike, and see who wants a yard sign.  Our callers are getting very positive responses, so this is a fun job!  Food and drinks are provided --plus you can win prizes! We are making calls days and evenings, as well as on weekends--so, whenever you have a couple hours to give, we'll take you! You can drop in when you're available, but we'd love it if you'd schedule yourself and tell us when you're coming. We are looking for captains for each calling session. (Boy, do we have special surprises for our captains!) Captains bring along five friends to call with them and their team is eligible for big prizes.

Please call or text Mary Galyon at (316) 655-5487 or Christian Kilgore at (316) 218-5387 to sign up for the phone bank now!

And don't forget about the PARADES! Team Pompeo participates in parades all across the 4th District.  

For each parade, you can ride with a group from the campaign office or meet us at the parade location. We'll provide you with T-shirts and goodies at the event! Check the campaign trail blog to see where we'll be next for a parade, or sign up for our campaign emails in the top right-hand corner of the webpage!

It's also time to put out your yard sign! If you still have your sign from previous campaigns in your garage, dust it off and stick it out in your front lawn. If you don't have one, please call the campaign office at (316) 633-4700 to let us know. Our speedy field reps will deliver one right to your door. We can also deliver and set up 4x8 signs for you!

And speaking of deliveries, the field reps are able to bring any of our Pompeo for Congress goodies to your home.  Our campaign office is fully stocked with:

  • Navy blue T-shirts from youth sizes to XXXL
  • Bumper stickers, both magnetic and easy-off
  • Pompeo for Congress buttons (perfect for clothing and purses!)
  • Window clings
  • Wrist bands
  • Fans

Primary election day is August 5th.  Mike needs your help to win! If you can only help a little, Team Pompeo still greatly appreciates your time.  And, we’d welcome a contribution too.  Even just $5 means a lot to our effort.  Click here to make a contribution.

The most important way to support Team Pompeo is by talking with your friends and family about why they should vote for Mike. Read on to learn about our successful Get 10 strategy:

GET 10 It’s been Mike’s philosophy since the Pompeo For Congress campaign began in 2009. If every Team Pompeo supporter secures 10 votes for Team Pompeo—we’ll win.

What’s the best strategy to secure your 10?
  1. Think of family members, friends and work colleagues that would be interested and give them information about Mike (Need a few supplies? Call us at 633-4700 and we’ll put some information cards, volunteer cards & a couple bumper stickers in the mail to you!)
  2. Provide your personal endorsement of Mike (THE most important thing!) If your friends want to meet Mike, bring them to one of our monthly volunteer meetings*.
  3. Be sure your prospects are registered so they are qualified to vote for Mike.   (We have the voter registration forms at our office. Drop by or call and we’ll mail them to you.)
  4. If there’s a chance any of your “10” will be out of town during voting this fall, help them secure an advanced ballot.
  5. Keep them enthused.
  6. Check in to be sure your “10” have voted and, if it helps, offer them a ride to the voting poll or go together to vote!
  7. Come to the election night watch party and celebrate the Team Pompeo victory!
*Not receiving notices for the monthly volunteer meetings where you can bring family and friends to hear a campaign update from Mike? Contact our office at 316-633-4700.