Join our gowing list of supporters for Mike.

Linda Baker, Wichita:
"Having known Mike and Susan Pompeo for a number of years I have had a chance to learn of their ethics, character, business saavy, leadership and interpersonal skills. They have shown their conservative, pro-life beliefs not only in their own lives, but in thier work in their church and in the candidates they have helped and supported over the years. Having served our country in the US ARMY under the leadership of Ronald Reagan as his commander-in-chief, Mike has the discipline and love of our country to continue working hard to preserve our freedoms and the way of life our founders left for us to enjoy. Mike and Susan don't give up in diffiicult circumstances. They are also willing to really listen and learn from people. These are qualities not all candidates possess. Mike and Susan have been willing to encourage and support the next generation of Republican leaders in the Young Republicans. Mike Pompeo is the best candidate for 4th District Congressman, *********** I LIKE MIKE. ***********"
Paul Fisher, Clearwater:
"Mike Pompeo is a man with true heart, compasion, and integrity. Which is exactly what we need back in our Federal Government. I know this because I have known Mike for several years and would trust him with my life. He is the right choice to help us take back our government and make our country proud once again!"
Jane Deterding, Colwich:
"I met Mike Pompeo shortly after he moved to Wichita about 15 years ago. As we became friends, it was clear that Mike was destined for important things. His easy-going personality coupled with a strong intellect has served him well in business, and will undoubtedly do the same in D.C. His character and integrity are beyond reproach. If you have the opportunity to meet Mike in person, you will immediately understand the passion that this man has for the job ahead. While most of us would cringe at the daunting task ahead for the next Congress, Mike Pompeo embraces it. A soldier, a leader, a businessman, a family man -- and in the years ahead, a stateman. I am proud to call Mike Pompeo my friend; I will be honored to have him serve as my congressman."
David Schuck, Newton:
"The only way that I as a voter can predict with confidence how a candidate for congress will vote once they get there is by the character and trustworthiness of the candidate. In his career in the Army and as a businessman, Mike Pompeo has demonstrated that character. During the 4th district primary campaign, Mike demonstrated his trustworthiness and character by taking the high road in this campaign. I am absolutely confident in casting my vote for Mike Pompeo. "
Tom Blair, Atlanta:
"Mike is clearly looking out for the businessman and the energy producer. He knows that energy produced in the USA is critical to our national security. Unlike the present administration that mocks the 3rd largest industry in Kansas (oil and gas production), Mike believes in our industry and will fight for every barrel of oil we produce."
Keri Drowatzky, Derby:
"Kansans need honorable men running in Congress especially with the way this congress and senate are conducting themselves. I will like to see Mr. Pompeo stand up for what is right and for the people of Kansas and the USA. He has my endorsement."
Brandon Rudkin, Wichita:
"Mike Pompeo offers a strong, refreshing and committed voice for Kansas in the United States Congress. He understands that the growing federal debt is a burden that will be placed on the shoulders of those now entering the work force. We believe Mike will fight to create a business environment that promotes job growth and opportunity across our great nation."
David Gittrich - KFL State Director, Wichita:
"We urge all citizens in the 4th District to vote for Mike Pompeo. Mike has demonstrated on several occasions his willingness to help other conservative candidates seeking public office. It’s not just about Mike Pompeo, but about ideals, principles, and values. Mike is willing to help others who share those same values."
James Fast, Wichita, :
"As a physician I see the need for limited government and more personal responsibility in our citizens' lives. Mike Pompeo stands for those principles. He will be a leader who leads by example with integrity. I like Mike!"
Penny Nance, CEO, Concerned Women PAC:
"Mike Pompeo is one of the new trends of conservative candidates who doesn't brand himself just as a social or a fiscal conservative. Mike is the whole package -- a true across the board conservative who is pro-life, pro-family, with a business background, and is ready to hit the ground running when he gets to Congress."
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