Join our gowing list of supporters for Mike.

Bev Jeskie, Wichita:
"I support Mike Pompeo to represent the 4th Congressional District of Kansas. He has been honest and earnest with his answers for the past 4 years. He has always listened and provided honest answers to the questions I have asked. I may not always agree with him, but he listens and then provides his reasoning behind his answers. "
Blake Alling, HAVEN:
"Mike is a down to earth Christian man with integrity! I wish all our Washington leaders would have his desire to truly fix our country and not just "build their kingdom"! Thanks Mike!"
Judy S. Park, Wichita:
"I believe in Mike’s ability to protect and defend the wellbeing of Kansas Citizens, and the Constitution of The United States. Furthermore, with his superb qualifications as a West Point Graduate, his experiences in the Army, a Harvard Graduate, and a Kansas business owner, Mike not only knows how to protect our country but also the best way to run the country, During his term as National Committeeman, and as United States Congressman, Mike has always been easily accessible to answer questions and attend meetings he has been invited to attend. (This was not so with his predecessor.) I trust Mike Pompeo. "
Brandon Arrasmith, Augusta:
"I am a laid off aircraft worker who believes that with Mike we can not only get our country back on track but also get the jobs flowing again in this wonderful state. I love Kansas and MIKE is the congressman for me. "
Brian Kelly, Wichita:
"Mike Pompeo is clearly a man of integrity, he represents the kind of person the 4th Congressional District needs in Washington to speak on behalf of the great state of Kansas. At this tough time in our history tough times call for tough leaders and that's (Mike) not only can he get the job done he has the moral commitment and the personal integrity to see that it is done right.This comes from his Military and Business background,so I strongly support Mike Pompeo and ask you to as well. Sincerely Brian D. Kelly"
Ron & Christa Lawrence, WICHITA:
"We are tired of government as usual. Mike is a refreshing new face with integrity. "
Doug Towns, Wichita:
"You have to look no further than the recent article in the East Wichita News to see the difference in the two candidates. Mr. Pompeo was very frank and honest with his responses. No political run around when asked how he would have voted on key pieces of legislation since the Democrats took the White House. His opponent left everyone wondering what he would have done. He also called himself at fiscal conservative, but you are left wondering if he understands what that means. Mr. Pompeo was, in contrast, frank and honest and left no doubt where he stands on the key issues that are shaping our country. That's refreshing in today's political environment. You have my vote Mike. Doug Towns"
Dr. Fred and Nancy Dopps, Wichita:
"Mike Pompeo is a faithful, marriage and family loving, God-fearing man - worthy of our support as he fights for Kansans' rights and convictions! He is not only intelligent, but has the edge his opponent does not have, which is WISDOM. His track record speaks for itself, as does his vast experience in the business sector as well as his moral compass lived out for all to see. Consider what HE has been doing for the last 20 years, compared to his opponent. Do YOU want someone who has trained up under the ACLU to set up the standards for Kansas? Well, Mike has NOT had that training! Ask his pastor, his wife, his business cohorts what he has been doing the last 20 years. Mike is the voice we trust to fight for our convictions in Congress, in our behalf. Dr. Fred & Nancy Dopps"
Cheryl Phillippi, Wichita:
"Mike Pompeo's energy and commitment to job creation for Kansas will prove itself when he is elected on November 2. Mike will be a strong voice to stop the serious overspending by Democrats in Congress that benefits none of the heads of household searching desperately for a job. Mike will spearhead some lasting job creations programs that stand the test of time."
Senator Mark and Joanne Gilstrap, Kansas City,:
"This former Kansas State Democrat Senator for 12 years from Wyandotte County supports the only man who could replace Congressman Todd Tiahrt."