Voter Endorsements

Fmr. Representative John Grange, El Dorado:
“Our nation is in a crisis situation and can use Mike’s energy, trustworthiness and proven leadership at the Congressional level. Mike has displayed strong Kansas family values with proven integrity. He is an intelligent and personable leader with an energetic style that will serve us all very well. He will be the strong voice that will represent all the constituents of the 4th District and he’ll work for a smaller and more efficient federal government. ” 

El Dorado Mayor Tom McKibban, El Dorado:
“I’m deeply concerned about the direction our federal government is moving when it comes to health care, regulation and out of control spending. Mike Pompeo understands the need for smaller government and less federal spending. That’s why I’m proud to support Mike’s candidacy. His passion as a successful business leader and as someone who served in the Army are qualities we need in the next Congressman from the 4th District of Kansas.” 

State Representative Marc Rhoades, Newton:
“Mike is an intelligent, hard-working Kansan who understands business issues critical to economic growth in the 4th District. His knowledge of the relationship between the private sector, limited government and fiscal responsibility — as well as his military service to our country — makes him a well-defined candidate who will bring conservative Kansas values and leadership to Washington.” 

State Representative Gene Suellentrop, Wichita:
“Mike Pompeo’s strong credentials and experience as an entreprenuer, businessman and military veteran are the qualities we need in our next Congressman from the 4th District. Our massive national debt and sinking national security have become detrimental problems for the residents of south central Kansas. Mike truly cares about reversing the current trend of more spending and more bailout, to a smaller and less intrusive federal government.” 

Sue Colaluca, Wichita:
“Mike Pompeo is just what we need to send to DC at this time. He has the managerial skills and the background to deal with the real crisis we have in our Federal Government. We need someone who is ready to step up immediately and sponsor legislation to halt the Big Government trajectory that we are currently on. His background in the military, law, and business uniquely qualify him to take a leadership role as a Conservative Republican in the House.” 

Fmr. State Senator Dick Kelsey, Goddard:
“I have decided to support Mike Pompeo for the Congress. I have chosen Mike because I believe he will bring a balanced approach to the challenges facing us in our country. He will work hard to restore our economy. He shares my values on the family issues such as protecting the unborn. His military background will enable him to address the needs of our national defense, which is the number one role of the federal government.” 

Todd Winter, Wichita:
“Thank you Senator Kelsey and thank you Mike Pompeo for running for congress. With your help I can put 20 to 30 people back to work. Small business creates jobs, not the White House administration. Without the help of people like Mike, more jobs will vaporize, debt and taxes will devour us, and our country will continue with this extreme lack of confidence in our top national leadership. I encourage you to endorse Mike Pompeo and help focus your party on a viable solution to the problems facing our nation today. ” 

State Representative David Crum, Augusta:
“With his military background, Mike is exactly the kind of voice for Kansas we need in Washington. In a time when our nation’s security is under attack and our servicemen and women are sacrificing so much, we need leaders with significant experience defending freedom for every American.” 

State Senator Dan Kerschen, Garden Plain:
“Mike’s understanding of agriculture and small business give me total confidence that he will effectively represent the people of south central Kansas in Washington. His knowledge of the importance of agriculture in the 4th District will help Kansas farmers fight to keep the federal government from passing more regulatory laws – such as cap and trade and estate tax – that would be detrimental to the success of the Kansas wheat and cattle industry.”

Mayor Kristey Williams, Augusta:
“Mike and I share the same commitment to bring compassion, dedication and honest hard work back to government. Mike knows the challenges communities in the 4th District face trying to balance the budget while dealing with the added taxation and regulation of the federal government. It’s time to put someone like Mike in Congress who will be able to reduce Washington’s burden on small business growth and help small communities like Augusta sustain and grow our businesses now and into the future.”

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